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"They like you, ma'am, but if you want to give a speech they'll have trouble respecting you. You're not military. You're not even Alliance."
"Not really my problem, is it?"
"Hardly the right attitude, ma'am. Morale is everyone's problem. So if Captain Andor won't do it, it falls to me as an Alliance SpecForce lieutenant to brevet you the rank of sergeant. Congratulations."
"You're a cretin."
"Yes, Sergeant."
Taidu Sefla and Jyn Erso[12]

Sergeant was a rank held by officers in the Confederacy of Independent Systems,[2] the Galactic Republic,[1] and its successor, the Galactic Empire.[3] Several clone troopers in the Grand Army of the Republic held the rank of Clone Sergeant.[13][14]

Crest, a former clone trooper, was a sergeant in the Imperial Army's Stormtrooper Corps.[3] In the Stormtrooper Corps, sergeants wore a white pauldron to indicate their rank.[15] Black pauldrons could also be worn by a Stormtrooper Sergeant,[16] yet that pauldron color could also see use for corporals[17] and enlisted troopers.[18]

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