"When word reached us of Byss's destruction, I knew in my heart that the Empire had died with it."
―Captain Sergus Lanox[src]

Sergus Lanox was a male Human who served as a captain in the Imperial Navy during the Galactic Civil War. He commanded the Victory-class Star Destroyer Imperial Hazard, and his abilities gained him the respect of both his crew and other officers within the Fleet.

At some point during the Galactic Civil War, Lanox and his vessel was assigned to attack the Rebel Alliance base on Horob, where he captured Sayer Mon Neela. He became emotionally attached to her, and when she attempted to escape aboard the Starcrossed, he was unable to kill her. Instead, he helped her and her aide, Raan Stasheff escape, receiving a kiss as his payment. Following the battle, Lanox was awarded the Distinguished Medal of Imperial Honor by Grand Admiral Miltin Takel himself for his bravery in the conquest of Horob.

Lanox still held the rank of captain in 11 ABY, when Byss, the throneworld of the reborn Palpatine, was destroyed. When word of the event reached Lanox, he became convinced that the Empire was doomed.[1]

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