Sermeria was an agriworld in the Expansion Region.


It was already a quiet Galactic Republic agriworld by 1019 BBY, when future Jedi Knight Johun Othone was born in its capital Addolis.

During the waning years of the Republic, it was represented in the Galactic Senate by Lanus Wrede. After Baktoid Armor Workshop and the Techno Union shuttered factories which manufactured B1 battle droids on five worlds across the galaxy, Wrede made claims that the Techno Union had relocated their business to the Outer Rim Territories. Wrede noted that the Techno Union had continued to buy up raw materials, yet had not created any product during the same time period. He lacked any proof of this claim, and his statement was refuted by several business analysts. A three-month investigation turned up no evidence, and Wrede's political career and reputation were shattered. In the aftermatch, Wrede committed suicide. In reality, Wrede was correct in his suspicions, and these hidden battle droids would soon emerge from planets such as Geonosis during the Clone Wars.

Senator Ister Paddie succeeded Wrede in the Senate. When Corellia closed its borders in opposition to the Military Creation Act, Paddie decried their actions as selfish. He pointed out that his sector had less than a third of the resources of the Corellians, yet stayed loyal to the Republic.

Shortly after this, a suspicious package arrived at the Sermerian First House in Sermeria's capital. A cleaning droid discovered the package hidden behind a planter in the building's lobby, and when it was opened, it was discovered to contain an effigy of Supreme Chancellor Palpatine covered in stone mites. The package was addressed to both Senator Paddie and President Dibra Born. Though the government was shut down for several hours, bomb-squad droids and the Sermerian Bio-League managed to contain the threat.

When Palpatine formed the Loyalist Committee, Senator Paddie was made a member of the ten-being group, helping to represent the interests of the Expansion Region.




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