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This article is about the planet in the Sern sector. You may be looking for Sernpidal.

Sern Prime was a planet located in the Sern sector, in relative proximity to the world of Ghorman. Sern Prime was located in the Colonies region. The leader of Sern Prime held the title of president.


During the Clone Wars, Senator Fang Zar represented his homeworld of Sern Prime in the Galactic Senate. He wore his hair in a style known as a Sern Prime topknot.

During the Clone Wars, Sern Prime was engulfed in some type of conflict that came to an end with the war. It was also at this time that a new president was elected. Following the Declaration of a New Order, Sern Prime (along with Kashyyyk and Enisca) were considered prime candidates for an anti-Imperial uprising by members of the Delegation of 2000. After Senator Zar's death at the hands of Darth Vader, the president-elect threatened to withdraw Sern Prime's delegation from Imperial Center, possibly the reason why Sern sector's representation in the Imperial Senate moved to Ghorman.



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