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"I felt Sernpidal break and suffocate. Now I know what Alderaan was like."
Luke Skywalker[6]

Sernpidal, the fifth planet in the Julevian system, was the adopted home planet of the Sernpidalian species, and one of the first planets attacked by the Yuuzhan Vong during their invasion of the galaxy. Orbiting only 115,000 kilometers from its sun, it was the most populous world of its sector. Rango Tel was from the world.


Sernpidal essentially belonged to the Outer Rim, but it was considered more akin to Wild Space.[1] The surface of the planet was dusty, and subterranean agri-farms were watered by aquifers. Damp ravines were occupied by slow, tough, tentacular creatures which comprised the planet's flora and fauna both.[1]



Dobido hurtles toward Sernpidal.

During the Jedi Civil War, the planet was under the control of the Sith Empire, and served as a major Sith naval base in possession of sensitive military codes and equipment. Later on at the beginning of the Great Galactic War the Sernpidal government was replaced by a puppet government that sided with the Sith in the war.

In 365 BBY, it was settled by the Sernpidalians fleeing the supernova of the planet Hettitite, who reached an 8 million-strong population, the greatest in the sector.[1]

The planet's large population caused it to be an effective target in 25 ABY, when the Praetorite Vong placed a dovin basal on the surface of the planet outside Sernpidal City, causing the smallest of its two moons, Dobido, to be pulled into the planet in a spiraling orbit. Han Solo, Chewbacca, and Anakin Solo made an attempt to evacuate as many people as possible, but Chewbacca was lost in the process when Dobido hit the planet. A chunk of the hemisphere was almost split, stripping the atmosphere. The Yuuzhan Vong used a colony of snail-like builders on the broken fragments to digest and regrow them into a shipwomb.

Later on, Rogue Squadron led a successful assault on the planet, thinking that the system held a superweapon, and destroyed all that remained of the planet.[1]

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