This article is about the Serroco gang. You may be looking for the planet Serroco or the planet Socorro.
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The Serroco gang on Nar Shaddaa was a loose congregation of displaced veterans of the Mandalorian Wars, in which the planet Serroco was devastated by the Mandalorians. The gang established itself as a menace to the Refugee Sector and even irked the Exchange. The Jedi Exile, Meetra Surik, approached the gang's leader and negotiated with him. Ultimately, the Exile was able to persuade him to halt his gang's harassment of the refugees.

The Serocco wear the same light or medium armor, giving them a uniform appearance, and possess an array of laser and melee weapons. In keeping with the fact that every member has had military training and experience, the Serroco gang is regarded as one of the three major groups in the Refugee sector, one even the Exchange hesitates before crossing.

Behind the scenes[]

In alternative choices, the Exile wiped out the Serroco gang, freeing the refugees from their iron grip. While this is the dark side option, there is also the choice to provoke them; they strike first, so the Exile kills them without dark side points as this is self-defense.

The Serroco campaign was fought between the Mandalorians and the Republic; since Mandalorian veterans of the campaign would have displayed the fierce martial identity and culture of that people, it can be safely assumed the gang's members are all Republic veterans. This makes their antagonism toward the general run of refugees especially ironic, as more than one has dialogue that indicates they are Republic war veterans themselves.

The Exile can speak to the gang's leader about a plan to drive the Exchange out of the Refugee Sector. He will initially be intrigued, but no matter which of the possible plans of attack the Exile proposes, he will reject it and the entire gang will turn hostile to the Exile in response.