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"Give my new friend another one of whatever he's drinking. On me."
Bossk speaks to a server droid regarding the undercover Quinlan Vos[1]

An LEP-series service droid

Service droids,[2] also known as server droids,[1] servant droids,[3] or waitdroids,[4] were droids designed to serve organics as waiters or waitresses, servants, or in other general service roles. Models of service droid included the GG-class serving droid.[2] At the gala celebrating the bestowment of the Raxian Humanitarian Award on the Confederacy of Independent Systems' Head of State, Count Dooku, held on the Separatist capital planet Raxus, server droids each held up a tray of appetizers and beverages, including glasses of cocktails, which were offered to attendants of the gala. The droids each had metallic bobbed hair and a short red dress, and maneuvered deftly through the crowd.[1]

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