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"Sand is already accumulating in my servomotors and my joints are freezing up!"

Servomotors,[3] also known as intermotors,[4] limb motors, or movement/balance processors, were motors used in droids for movement[3] in their limbs.[source?] The droid bounty hunter C-21 Highsinger was equipped with state-of-the-art servomotors that gave him the skills of a martial artist.[1] Servomotors were also used by organic lifeforms, in cybernetic replacement for lost limbs. During a battle aboard the sail barge Khetanna, the back of Luke Skywalker's prothestic hand got blasted, tearing away the polymer skin and revealing damaged servomotors and wires inside.[2] Decades later, the servomotor was still in use, being used by the bounty hunter Rothgar Deng.[5]

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