Set Piece is a recurring department of the Star Wars Insider magazine that began in issue 54. It was originally authored by Chris Reiff and Chris Trevas, but Trevas took over the article beginning with issue 64. From issues 78 through 92, the feature was called Technical Readout: Set Piece. The feature has appeared regularly from issue 54 with the exception of issue 77.

Set Pieces[]

# Title Year Author(s)
54 "Set Piece: The Mos Eisley Cantina" 2001 Chris Trevas and Chris Reiff
55 "Set Piece: Hoth Echo Base Main Hangar" Chris Trevas and Chris Reiff
56 "Set Piece: The Palace of Jabba the Hutt" Chris Trevas and Chris Reiff
57 "Set Piece: Imperial Star Destroyer" 2002 Chris Trevas and Chris Reiff
58 "Set Piece: The Death Star Trash Compactor" Chris Trevas and Chris Reiff
59 "Set Piece: Rebel Alliance Briefing Room" Chris Trevas and Chris Reiff
60 "Set Piece: Theed Palace Hangar" Chris Trevas and Chris Reiff
61 "Set Piece: Cloud City Carbon-Freezing Chamber" Chris Trevas and Chris Reiff
62 "Set Piece: The Millennium Falcon" Chris Trevas and Chris Reiff
63 "Set Piece: Dagobah" Chris Trevas and Chris Reiff
64 "Set Piece: Ewok Village" Chris Trevas
65 "Set Piece: The Outlander Club" Chris Trevas
66 "Set Piece: Jedi Council Chamber" 2003 Chris Trevas
67 "Set Piece: Jabba's Sail Barge" Chris Trevas
68 "Set Piece: Mos Eisley Spaceport Docking Bay 94" Chris Trevas
69 "Set Piece: Wampa Ice Cave" Chris Trevas
70 "Set Piece: Padmé's Coruscant Apartment" Chris Trevas
71 "Set Piece: Anakin's Hovel" Chris Trevas
72 "Set Piece: Death Star II: Emperor's Throne Room" Chris Trevas
73 "Set Piece: Yavin 4 Rebel Base: Main Hangar" 2004 Chris Trevas
74 "Set Piece: Geonosis Hidden Hangar" Chris Trevas
75 "Set Piece: Moon of Endor: Imperial Bunker" Chris Trevas
76 "Set Piece: Hoth Battlefront" Chris Trevas
77 None
78 "Technical Readout: Set Piece: Jawa Sandcrawler" Chris Trevas
79 "Technical Readout: Set Piece: Theed Royal Palace" 2005 Chris Trevas
80 "Technical Readout: Set Piece: Jango Fett's Apartment" Chris Trevas
81 "Technical Readout: Set Piece: A True Jedi Makes A Noble Sacrifice" Chris Trevas
82 "Technical Readout: Set Piece: Rebel Blockade Runner: Tantive IV" Chris Trevas
83 "Technical Readout: Set Piece: Mustafar: Main Control Room" Chris Trevas
84 "Technical Readout: Set Piece: Geonosis Arena" Chris Trevas
85 "Technical Readout: Set Piece: Invisible Hand: Main Bridge" Chris Trevas
86 "Technical Readout: Set Piece: Chancellor's Holding Office And Senate Chamber" 2006 Chris Trevas
87 "Technical Readout: Set Piece: Order 66" Chris Trevas
88 "Technical Readout: Set Piece: Death Star II Main Hangar" Chris Trevas
89 "Technical Readout: Set Piece: Escape From Cloud City" Chris Trevas
90 "Technical Readout: Set Piece: Luke's Landspeeder" Chris Trevas
91 "Technical Readout: Set Piece: X-wing Starfighter" Chris Trevas
92 "Technical Readout: Set Piece: Rebel Snowspeeder" 2007 Chris Trevas
93 "Set Piece: Imperial TIE Fighter" Chris Trevas
94 "Set Piece: Naboo Royal Starship" Chris Trevas
95 "Set Piece: Supreme Chancellor Palpatine's Office" Chris Trevas
96 "Set Piece: Death Star Conference Room" Chris Trevas
97 "Set Piece: Kamino Platform" Chris Trevas
98 "Set Piece: Massassi Temple" Chris Trevas
99 "Set Piece: The Invisible Hand" 2008 Chris Trevas
100 "Set Piece: Watto's Shop" Chris Trevas