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"Senator Seti Ashgad has disappeared, days after he protested the installation of the Senate's new cam droids. Palpatine's office says the timing is merely a coincidence."
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Seti Ashgad was a Human male Senator of the Galactic Senate and hyperdrive engineer for Incom Corporation in the waning days of the Galactic Republic, similar to his contemporary, Raith Sienar.



Seti Ashgad.

Ashgad was on the team that designed the Z-95 Headhunter. Later, he used his connections to be elected Senator in the days of the Clone Wars. He was very ambitious, and it was believed he wanted to take Palpatine's place as Supreme Chancellor, and not just manipulate the post. Shortly after he opposed the placement of cam droids in the Senate Building in 20.65 BBY, he disappeared, causing some distress for Bail Prestor Organa.

He was secretly sent to a prison on Nam Chorios by Palpatine, but filled the power void created by Beldorion the Hutt's failure to maintain his rule over the planet's populace. Years later, in 13 ABY, Ashgad, posing as his son with the same name, would reappear and attempt to conquer the galaxy by kidnapping Leia Organa Solo, Bail's adoptive daughter, and releasing the Death Seed plague. He was killed by Tsils in a CCIR Needle fighting the New Republic above Nam Chorios while on a ship trying to leave the system with Dzym, the humanoid Droch.

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Ashgad was incorrectly called "Jeti Ashgad" in the article, The Emperor's Pawns.



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