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"But…now I don't understand. You travelled days to track me down, just to warn me that someone might try to take over the galaxy, and then you leave?"
"It seems you understand perfectly."
―Nuru Kungurama to Sev'eere'nuruodo[src]

Sev'eere'nuruodo, with the core name Veeren, was a female Chiss and Aristocra of the Nuruodo family during the Clone Wars. In 21 BBY, she communicated with the Galactic Republic's Supreme Chancellor Palpatine and agreed to meet a Republic representative in Chiss space. Veeren met the Jedi Padawan Nuru Kungurama and Breakout Squad on Defense Force Station Ifpe'a. During the negotiations, in which an aloof Veeren refused to join the war, the Station was attacked by a Techno Union fleet. Veeren was knocked out and woke up in hyperspace onboard Breakout Squad's ship, the Hasty Harpy captained by Lalo Gunn. Veeren believed she had been kidnapped and ignored Kungurama's attempts to reassure her.

Soon, the Hasty Harpy was dragged out of hyperspace by a black hole and found pirates who had been stuck there for a while. Breakout Squad agreed to join the pirates in an attempt to escape the area. The pirates led them to an ancient Infinity Gate, which they successfully used to escape. Veeren then parted ways with Breakout Squad.

Breakout Squad then went on a doomed mission to Vaced. Afterward, they captured Bilbringi Depot from the Techno Union. As they were celebrating, they saw an unidentified vessel approach. When it landed, Veeren disembarked and revealed to Kungurama that she had been tracking him to reveal vital information. Her analysis of recent events concluded that they were all being manipulated. She suggested that the Padawan should investigate but tell no one else, as spies might have been anywhere. Veeren then disembarked without further explanation. As her ship left the Depot, another ship, carrying Ring-Sol Ambase, Kungurama's master, arrived. Veeren fired on the other ship without damaging it. The other vessel's return fire annihilated her ship, apparently killing her. Ambase then fled the area, though Veeren had faked her death. She later visited Chancellor Palpatine on Coruscant to discuss her concerns about the conspiracy and a possible Republic-Chiss alliance.

Biography[edit | edit source]

The Clone Wars comes to Chiss space[edit | edit source]

In 21 BBY, Sev'eere'nuruodo, with the core name "Veeren", was a female Chiss and the Aristocra of the Chiss Nuruodo family during the Clone Wars. The Chiss Ascendancy came in contact with Supreme Chancellor Palpatine of the Galactic Republic during that year. During a conversation with the Chancellor, Veeren agreed to meet an ambassador of the Republic. For this reason she delivered the coordinates of Defense Force Station Ifpe'a to the chancellor and adjourned to the station.[1]

Shortly afterward, a starship named Hasty Harpy, carrying the Republic ambassador, Chiss Jedi Padawan Nuru Kungurama arrived. Veeren went to the hangar to greet the Jedi. Although she soon realized that Kungurama was completely different from a "normal" Chiss and that he didn't have any experience as an ambassador. Veeren decided to hold their conservation short and explained that the Chiss would stay neutral in the Clone Wars. Afterwards, she dismissed Nuru and his escort of Clone troopers, Breakout Squad. But when the Hasty Harpy prepared to depart, the space station was attacked by forces of Confederacy of Independent Systems. Veeren tried to use her datapad to get a status update, but one of the clone troopers tackled her before the data ad exploded. As she hit the ground, she was knocked unconscious. Eventually she awoke and found herself on the Hasty Harpy. She then tried to get out of her cabin and return to the station, but a clone trooper held her back. Seconds later, the Hasty Harpy jumped into Hyperspace. Veeren subsequently ignored the efforts of Nuru and Lalo Gunn, the Hasty Harpy's captain, to explain the "kidnapping," as Veeren saw it and would not believe that the station had been destroyed.[1]

After some time in hyperspace an unexpected anomaly caused the Hasty Harpy to withdraw from hyperspace. After checking the notifications the crew discovered a black hole holding them, and a few minutes later they also spotted a group of pirates. Now Gunn and Kungurama succeeded in persuading Veeren to cooperate. But the pirates didn't want to rob them; on the contrary the pirate's leader Hethra Mcgrrrr asked them to join the gang, because no one could leave the system through the pull of a nearby black hole. Gunn accepted the offer. When the pirates learned that Kungurama was a Jedi, they hoped to free their ships from the pull of the black hole which prevented the jump to hyperspace. Now the pirates wanted to use an Infinity Gate, which two marooned Sullustan archaeologists had discovered to leave the system. On Plundermoon Kungurama activated the Gate and the Hasty Harpy jumped back to Defense Force Station Ifpe'a, where the fleet of pirate ships defeated Overseer Umbrag and his Techno Union armada. Afterward, Veeren was able to leave the crew of the Hasty Harpy and return to Chiss space.[1]

Meeting with Kungurama[edit | edit source]

After the Hasty Harpy departed from Chiss space, its crew undertook an escort mission to Vaced. The rebuilt droid Cleaver found a tracking device on the ship. After Vaced, the crew went to Bilbringi Depot to search for Kungurama's missing Master. Breakout Squad liberated the Depot from the Techno Union. As the squad was celebrating, they spotted a vessel approaching the hangar and concealed themselves. When it landed, Aristocra Veeren disembarked. She greeted a surprised Kungurama and said she came unarmed and that the others could reveal themselves; she revealed it was she who had placed the tracking device on the Hasty Harpy that was now on Cleaver. When Kungurama asked why she was following them, she replied it was so she could follow them and reveal important information. She had analyzed recent events and concluded that there was a probability someone was manipulating them all in a conspiracy dating back eleven years; she then suggested Kungurama should investigate. When the Padawan suggested that she should go to Coruscant and pass on this information, she interrupted and said they should tell no one, then immediately turned to go. A confused Kungurama tried to ask for more information, but Veeren replied that based on his query, he understood perfectly. Boarding her ship, she took off.[2]

Another ship then entered the area, carrying Ring-Sol Ambase, Kungurama's master. Veeren fired three laser beams at it, which did not damage the ship. The other ship returned fire and destroyed Veeren's ship. Ambase, sensing his Padawan's shock at the demise of the Aristocra and mistaking the shock for a betrayal, fled the area.[2] Unbeknownst to Kungurama, though, Veeren faked her death. She detonated the outer hull of the ship and made a microjump into hyperspace to escape.[3]

Secret meeting with Chancellor Palpatine[edit | edit source]

"…why do you wish for Nuru Kungurama to continue believing you are dead? And why trust me with that secret?"
"Because I have my reasons. At least for now."
"If that is your wish, so be it. But when might you and I have another discussion about an alliance?"
"Perhaps after your Civil War is over. Now, I must return to the Chiss Ascendancy."
―Palpatine and Sev'eere'nuruodo on Coruscant[src]

Later, Veeren went to Coruscant to share her concerns about the conspiracy with Chancellor Palpatine, but ceased to believe the conspiracy. She wished for him to conceal her survival, and discussed forming an alliance between the Chiss and the Republic. She said the alliance might take place after the Clone Wars had ended and departed.[3]

Personality and traits[edit | edit source]

Veeren was a haughty, aloof individual and was suspicious of outsiders, only trusting her fellow Chiss, and kept secrets to herself. When she was rescued, she refused to cooperate with crew of the Hasty Harpy. She wore a black uniform.[1]

In one instance, she winced at Kungurama's mispronunciation of her title. She was willing to risk her life to travel alone to Bilbringi Depot but was not willing to trust outsiders with secret information.[2] She hid her survival from Kungurama but was willing to trust Chancellor Palpatine with her secret.[3]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Sev'eere'nuuodo appears in Ryder Windham's The Clone Wars book series Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Secret Missions.

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