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"He has no idea."
―Lieutenant Manech regarding Commander Buzk[src]

Sev Buzk was the commander of the small Imperial garrison on Troska. He tricked the locals into thinking the Empire was on the verge of full scale occupation, enabling him to extort them.


"It's where military careers go to die."
―Lieutenant Manech about Troska[src]

Buzk choking Manech upon discovering he has hired Boba Fett.

Nine months after the destruction of the first Death Star, Buzk was stationed on the remote planet of Troska and was placed in charge of a small garrison of troops. It was an ignoble post, considered a posting for dead end careers. It is unclear what Buzk did to merit this posting, but he made the most of it by pushing around the locals through extortion rackets, encouraging political coups and enabling gambling rackets. He kept his men safe by using the ruse that the Empire was close to fully occupying the planet.

This ruse, however, didn't work on the royal family of Troska—the Kybers. They fought back against Buzk's force and cut off his oil supply from the refineries. Buzk found Prince Torino Kyber particularly annoying and in one particular period, he caused three lock-outs in a month at his refinery. Buzk threatened the Kybers many times and on more than one occasion sent his interrogation squad to stop the lock-outs.

In an attempt to stop the deadlock, Buzk's Lieutenant, Treyz Manech, employed the bounty hunter Boba Fett to deal with the Kybers. When Buzk found out, he nearly killed the lieutenant. However, he was interrupted by a transmission from King Natas, head of the Kyber family. He accused Buzk of sending Boba Fett, who had just destroyed Torino's refinery. Buzk originally denied knowledge of the incident, blaming it on the Hutts. Natas then played a security hologram of Fett saying Buzk had sent him.


Buzk is led away after being arrested.

Once the transmission ended, Buzk ordered all his troopers to attack the palace. Buzk drove a large speeder during the battle. However, it was damaged greatly by the Kyber Palace defenses and he was knocked unconscious. When he awoke, Buzk was arrested by the Empire for his extortion of the Kybers. He soon realized that Manech had called in Boba Fett as part of his plan to end his abuse of the locals.

Personality and traitsEdit


Buzk hiding his knowledge of Boba Fett to King Natas.

―Buzk, after discovering Lieutenant Manech had employed Boba Fett to pacify the Kybers[src]

Buzk was a very violent man, who had brute power on top of his role as a commander. His complexion aided this view of him. He often treated his own men with the same violence as he would an enemy. Despite his ruthlessness and willingness to extort his enemies, he did try to hide that fact by acting ignorant of his own deeds.

Behind the scenesEdit

Buzk's first and only appearance was in Boba Fett: Overkill, written by Thomas Andrews and drawn by Francisco Ruiz Velasco.


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