The Seventeenth Alsakan Conflict was the final war of the conflicts, which was fought between Coruscant, Alsakan, Corellia, and their allies. The seventeenth conflict took place in 3017 BBY, nearly fourteen thousand years after the first such event.[1] During the war, the Republic developed the Invincible-class Dreadnaught Heavy Cruiser, whose design was ultimately based upon their opponents own battle cruisers.[3]

Coruscant had built up a superior industrial base in order to construct a fleet of these fast battleships, which could overwhelm the warships of the Axis, primarily Alsakan and Corulag. The Axis responded by mass producing fleets of sublight missile corvettes to defend the Perlemian worlds against Republic raids. In response to saber-rattling from both sides, Corellia used long range frigates to defend their own interests. These frigates were originally designed to act as pickets for large battleships, but they also incorporated some major technological breakthroughs into their construction. Such breakthroughs included faster engines, stronger shields, and heavy turbolasers. The design of these frigates turned out to be so far advanced that they rendered the squadrons of massive battleships protecting Coruscant and Alsakan obsolete. Victories by Corellian privateers over the fleets of Coruscant and Alsakan would lead to a formal declaration of war against Corellia by the Republic. However, the forces of the Republic were quickly defeated by Corellia and Prince-Admiral Jonash e Solo ended the conflict when he negotiated a peace treaty at sword point on the floor of the Senate.[1]


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