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A Human male and female

"Jag, why are males so stupid?"
"Biological predisposition."
Jaina Solo and Jagged Fel[src]

Most beings in the galaxy belonged to one of two sexes, male or female. However, some species, such as the Hutts, could adopt the sexual characteristics of either sex, and were classified as hermaphrodites. Other variable species, like the X'Ting, changed sexes periodically based on hormonal cycles. Some alien species had more than two sexes, such as the insectoid Xi'Dec, which had over 180. Finally, some species, like the Filordi, were asexual, with individuals being able to reproduce on their own. The Fnessian race had a previously undocumented sex called Thos. The Rakririans also had a third sex, known as facilitator drones.


A number of species reproduced hermaphroditically. For instance, individual Hutts contained both male and female reproductive organs.[1] Other hermaphroditic species included the Pui-ui,[2] the Verpine, and Strills.

Another example of a hermaphrodite species is the Vratix. A Vratix individual would, during its life assume both the role of impregnator and gestator "male" and "female", depending on its age.[3]


Most species possessed distinct characteristics that distinguished males and females. Females tended to have slighter frames than males and possessed voices with a higher pitch and tonal quality. Females of most mammalian and some reptilian species were distinguished by their breasts. Social practices also further characterized female gender roles by how they were expected to act, the clothing they wore, and how they were expected to style their hair, if their species grew it.

Males tended to be larger, with broader shoulders and deeper voices. Males had more muscle mass and were expected to perform better with manual labor than females. Social practices set gender roles that expected those that identified as male to behave in certain ways, wear certain clothing, and style their hair in a way that was considered "masculine" in order to further differentiate that gender from the females of the species.

Exargan sexes were undetermined in their youth, with both males and females having similar features. Around their thirteenth birthday, an Exargan's sex would then develop.

Droid gender programming

C-3PO being programmed as a male.

Droids, especially those with complex personalities and those which worked in close partnerships with organic beings, such as protocol droids and astromech droids, were often programmed to have stereotypically masculine or feminine personalities. Thus, even mechanical beings were usually designated he or she.[4]

Behind the scenes

Several Star Wars games allow the player to choose the sex of the main character where that character exists in canon. Characters such as Rookie One, Jaden Korr, Revan and the Jedi Exile all fit into this category. Since Star Wars has a definitive story, subsequent publications have decided the sex of these characters in Star Wars continuity. Since their introduction, Rookie One,[5] Revan, and Jaden Korr were all canonized as male, and the Jedi Exile was confirmed as female.[6]

Some games, such as Star Wars Galaxies, allow the player to choose the sex of a controlled character that does not get tracked in continuity. Although these characters are not considered to be a part of canon, many of the in-game events are. The characters who take part in these events are referred to as "spacers" on Wookieepedia.



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