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"Seyn Marana, you possess the gift of eidetic memory, which has served you well throughout your career. You graduated top of your class at the Imperial Academy of Uyter a full year early—and with honors. You speak…twenty-seven languages, is that correct?"
―Admiral Garrick Versio[src]

Seyn Marana was a female human who served the Galactic Empire. After graduating a year early from the Imperial Academy of Uyter, she worked with Naval Intelligence Agency before joining Inferno Squad. She was killed while undercover with the squad and infiltrating the Dreamers.


Early career[]

During the Imperial Era, Marana studied at the Imperial Academy of Uyter. Possessing an eidetic memory, Marana was a master cryptologist and a superior shot who could take out any foe at over five kilometers, knew 29 languages, and could write seven more. Her unique skill set allowed her to graduate at the top of her class a year early. After graduation, she worked at the Naval Intelligence Agency for surveillance, a skill that her eidetic memory allowed her to excel at.[2]

Joining Inferno Squad[]

Marana flew as Inferno Four

Sometime after the Battle of Yavin, Marana along with Senior Lieutenant Iden Versio, Del Meeko and Gideon Hask was drafted into Inferno Squad by Admiral Garrick Versio where her callsign was Inferno-Four. Despite never seeing combat action while at NavInt, Admiral Versio trusted her capabilities and thought she was a valuable addition to the team. Their first mission involved Marana advising Hask as he attempted to make contact with a rebel named Bokk Naarg at Tellik Four Station. When Bokk arrived with an entourage that Marana realized has suicide bombs, she demanded Captain Versio abort the mission, but she allowed Hask to continue. The mission went wrong as Hask and Versio barely escaped and the rebels detonated their bombs, a story that would make news across the galaxy.[2]

Infiltrating the Dreamers[]

After their failed mission, Admiral Versio assigned Inferno Squad to infiltrate the Dreamers, the rebel group that had grown in the aftermath of the death of Saw Gerrera's Partisans. The Empire had located their base, but rather than destroy them, they wanted to find out what the source of the information was that they were using to operate. The four Imperial agents would be split up and infiltrate the Dreamers with different backstories. Marana was chosen to pose as a slave under the ownership of Rudaga, the owner of an antique store on Otor's Hub and an Imperial informant. She allowed her body to receive scarification and other symbols of abuse to help her appear as an abused slave. She was sent to Otor's Hub with the Empire only telling Rudaga that he would allow her to stay as an undercover operative. After some time posing as Rudaga's slave and helping him forge documents, the Dreamers came to Otor's Hub. Marana followed the Dreamers and attempted to join them. Another former slave and second-in-command of the Dreamers, Dahna, took Marana under her wing and brought her back with them to Jeosyn and the Dreamers' encampment. Marana told Dahna that she could speak Basic and Huttese only as well as forge documents, which Dahna told her could make her a valuable asset to the team.[2]

After a short time, all three other members of Inferno Squad had joined the Dreamers ranks, with Meeko and Hask posing as two brothers and Iden Versio joining under the guise of being a defector. Marana continued to go by Seyn and was assigned multiple jobs forging documents by Staven, the leader of the Dreamers. However, when Iden arrived after being rescued by Azen Novarren, who had been undercover as an Imperial for the Dreamers, Marana's eidetic memory allowed her to realize who he was. He was actually the disgruntled ISB agent Lar Kantayan, and Marana realized that it was likely he was operating on his own since she recalled his file saying he had multiple failures and was not recommended to be sent in again.[2]

After alerted Iden of the situation, Iden planned to set up Kantayan and expose him. During the Mission to Affadar, Hask framed Kantayan, who was deemed a traitor and tortured to death. Meanwhile, Iden assigned each of them to get close to the Dreamers, and Marana's job was to encourage Sadori Vushan, who was showing signs of affection for Marana. Marana let him get close in an effort to figure out the source of the information.[2]

Soon after, Staven announced the next mission would be bombing a newly minted munitions factory on the planet Anukara. Marana and Sadori would go undercover as students who were visiting the new factory and would place bombs inside that would detonate and kill Moff Rys Deksha, General Ivel Toshan, and the four hundred odd students that were on the field trip. Before the mission, Iden told Marana to follow through with the plan despite being bothered by the unnecessary civilian casualties herself, citing Admiral Versio's orders to allow Imperials to be scarified to ensure the eventual destruction for he Dreamers. Marana and Sadori wore suicide bombs in case of discovery and Marana traveled with Inferno Squad's ID10 seeker droid, which had come with Del, disguised as a droid that helped Marana with a medical condition. They entered the facility using documents Marana had forged. During the mission, Marana got cold feet and decided to delay the bomb's timer from five minutes to fifteen minutes so the students would be allowed to escape. However, when they left, Sadori realized that something was wrong when the bomb did not detonate. Despite Marana's urging, Sadori insisted that he finish the mission by going back and sacrificing himself. Marana pleaded with him and even kissed Sadori in an effort to prevent his unnecessary sacrifice, but Sadori ran back and detonated his bomb. Marana was recovered by Del and Staven in their ship, and they watched as Sadori's bomb exploded, followed shortly by the bomb Marana had timed for fifteen minutes.[2]

Back on Jeosyn, Marana was not suspected by the Dreamers for playing a role in Sadori's death. Iden tried to comfort her in private, but Marana reminded Iden that her eidetic memory meant that she would never be able to forget and have to relive the horrible moments as Sadori sacrificed himself unnecessarily. Sadori's parents, Ru and Halia Vushan, tried to comfort her and took care of her, knowing how their son had liked her. However, a week later, Marana blew her cover when she eavesdropped on a conversation between Dahna and the Dreamer's mechanic, Piikow, who were speaking in Chadra-Fan. Dahna realized that Marana had lied about how many languages she could speak and told Staven that she thought Marana was in league with the late Azen Novarren. Staven gave Iden a vibroblade and told her to interrogate Marana, but Marana acted swiftly, lunging at Iden and impaling herself on the vibroblade. She looked on at a horrified Iden and fell to the ground, and as she died, muttered "for the Empire."[2]


"The Dreamers are no more. Seyn Marana gave her life to make sure that happened. And we honored her sacrifice by seeing to it that it did."
―Iden Versio[src]

The surviving members of Inferno Squad went on to complete the mission and defeat the Dreamers. While debriefing, Iden took responsibility for Marana's death, but Admiral Versio decided that it was nobody's fault and just an unfortunate loss. After her death, Marana was recommended for the Posthumous Black Laurel for Service to the Empire by the Admiral.[2]

Personality and traits[]

Seyn Marana was one of the brightest cadets at the Imperial Academy of Uyter. Her eidetic memory helped her excel, able to learn almost thirty languages and graduate a full year early. She was chosen as the fourth member of Inferno Squad despite never seeing combat during her young career at NavInt, which was a testament to her skillset that included forgery, cryptology, and tremendous skill as a marksmen. Admiral Versio noted that she was able to take out targets at over five kilometers.[2]

She was an adept agent and worked well undercover. However, despite her skill, she accidentally revealed herself by understanding Chadra-Fan, a mistake that cost Marana her life. Although her persona undercover was not completely the same as her normal one, Staven thought that she reminded him of Jyn Erso, noting their comparable forging skills, age, and even their names.[2]



Notes and references[]

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