The Sh'ner-class Planetary Assault Carrier was a central warship class of the Ssi-ruuvi Imperium fleet, using its D'kee-class Landing Ships in both invasions and space battles.


Ssi-ruuviAssaultCarrier egvv

Sh'ner schematics.

Its thin-armored 750-meter hull was armed with only six ion cannons and two tractor beam projectors, relying on picket ships for defense. The carrier included twelve launching bays for the D'kee-class Landing Ships and another twelve landing bays for holding captured enemy vessels.

The carrier was also equipped with 12 entechment labs to drain prisoners of their life energies and giant batteries to store these energies. The crew consisted of a 60 Ssi-ruuk command crew along with 500 P'w'eck slaves and 300 droids.

Because of the large number of P'w'ecks, their Ssi-Ruuvi masters planted stun traps in every corridor and room to ensure obedience. These stun traps could cause terrible pain to the P'w'ecks and kill a Human.

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