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Sha'rellian toops were starfish shaped creatures found on the Hutt homeworld, Nal Hutta and shared a symbiotic relationship with the Hutts.


Sha'rellian toops or just simply toops were sluglike creatures that would attach themselves to the Hutts for security and companionship.[2] When toops would attach themselves to a Hutt's head, this gave the Hutt the appearance of having real hair. These appearance enhancing benefits made Hutts fond of the creatures.[2]


Mama and her highly stacked number of Sha'rellian toops.

Marlo and Mama were two Hutts that wore toops. While Marlo just wore one, Mamma wore many stacked toops which gave her the appearance of having a high topknot. Mamma also kept several of the creatures in her home on Nal Hutta and allowed the creatures to crawl around on her enormous body, and used them to hurl at Quinlan Vos when he and Obi-Wan Kenobi entered her home.[1]

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Sha'rellian toops are the equivalent to the real-world toupée.[3]

The toops' skin texture was designed to involk the appearance of slicked hair.[2]



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