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This article is about the animal. You may be looking for the similarly named Jedi Master Shaak Ti.

Shaaks were a species of non-sentient herbivores that grazed on the grasslands of Naboo.[3] Gentle and non-threatening,[4] shaaks were slow movers.[3] They had four legs, brown leathery skin, and their bodies were plump with blubber. Shaaks were unable to swim, due to their size, and so avoided the swamps of Naboo.[1] If infected with the waterborne Blue Shadow Virus, shaaks would die instantly,[5] while members of most other species had 48 hours to live before the virus became fatal.[6]

They were sometimes used as pack animals. During the Clone Wars, a female Gungan named Peppi Bow wrangled shaaks.[5]

Behind the scenesEdit

The shaak species was designed by Terryl Whitlatch for Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace. Whitlatch wanted to suggest a grazer bred for food, the Naboo equivalent of a sheep. A few shaaks were seen briefly in one shot of the movie as computer generated creations.[7]



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