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Shadow was one of the four members of Unit Aurek-Seven of the 501st Legion in the Empire of the Hand. The Unit consisted of Twister, Cloud, Watchman, and Shadow.


Overthrowing a WarlordEdit

He aided the Eickaries in the liberation of Kariek from the Warlord who had taken over the planet. After breaching the fortress with the help of a resistance group lead by Su-mil through an unknown entryway they aided the Eickaries in freeing the Warlords prisoners. Shadow led a group of Eickarie resistance soldiers and prisoners to assist the Imperial forces trying to gain access to the fortress through the tunnels.

The Rediscovery of Outbound FlightEdit

Later, in 22 ABY, Shadow accompanied Chak Fel aboard the Chaf Envoy to the Redoubt along with the rest of Unit Aurek-Seven as a guard detail for the commander. Shadow also participated in the Battle of the Redoubt helping Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade Skywalker in securing the remains of Outbound Flight against the Vagaari. Following the battle, Commander Fel led the Unit to join General Drask's Chiss task force to Vagaari space.


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