"One of the most elite commando units in all of the Sith Empire. Five of the Emperor's deadliest agents."
―Harron Tavus[src]

Shadow Fist were an elite commando unit in the reformed Sith Empire that saw service against the Republic Military during the Sith Emperor's war against the Galactic Republic. In this time, they were known to had regularly clashed with Havoc Squadron of the Republic Special Forces. These elite fighters were extremely skilled combatants to the point that Harron Tavus remarked that they had been incredibly difficult foes to fight. Members of the Shadow Fist were considered among the most deadliest agents of the Sith Emperor.

In the Cold War era, Tavus along with much of Havoc Squad defecting from the Republic and joined forces with the Sith after feeling that they had been abandoned by the Galactic Senate over an incident on Ando Prime. However, the lone loyalist member of Havoc Squadron led a new team with the intention of tracking down the defectors. After losing Needles, Tavus decided to enlist the aid of his former enemies in the Shadow Fist to eliminate the new Havoc Squad leader. At this time, there were five members of the unit who used stealth field generators to ambush their target but were eliminated by the Republic trooper.


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