Shadow Town

Shadow Town.

Shadow Town was a location on the planet Nar Shaddaa that had been constructed by the time of the Cold War. It resembled an ordinary slum at a glance, though its inhabitants were quite unique. Instead of underworld gangs or powerful Hutts, it housed imprisoned individuals useful to the Sith Empire that had become unreliable, yet too important to kill. This Town contained occupants such as scientists, assassins, and genetic experiments. One such prisoner was Watcher X, a former high-ranking officer in Imperial Intelligence. To control their movements, cranial implants were added to the subjects that were designed to explode if anyone crossed the borders of Shadow Town leading to a detonation in the head of the prisoner.[1]

In addition, there were also secondary prisons that were manned by Imperial personnel who stored prisoners who needed to be kept in a docile state. Many of these residents ended up making the best of their captivity and early forced retirement. Instead, they cooperated with the Imperial authorities and lived relatively ordinary lives, though everyone around them would flee if given the opportunity. A considerable sum of money was paid to the Hutt Cartel to maintain Shadow Town with the considerable reward being offered being more than adequate to hold the risk of keeping prisoners that even the Empire did not want within its borders.[1]



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