This article is about the disguise device. You may be looking for the article of clothing worn by the Umbaran people.

A shadowcloak was an expensive electronic device used by individuals who wanted to communicate face to face with someone but maintain their anonymity. The shadowcloak cast an electrical field over the user, completely concealing the entire body with a layer of blackness that was absolutely featureless to any form of detection, rendering the individual only as a mass of shadow. The device further distorted the user's voice, rendering it completely unrecognizable to the listener and even any voice reader in his possession.

Though the anonymity offered by the field was powerful, it was also limited in that its flexibility was only as far as the subject's personal space; were the subject to walk around with the cloak activated, it would surely fail to protect his identity. Thus most shadowcloak users first seated themselves and then activated the cloak, remaining in one place for the duration of the encounter. As an advanced piece of technology, the shadowcloak was powerful but also power-hungry; after an hour of usage the device would have overheated enough that it would require four hours of rest before it could be used again. Despite these drawbacks, the cloak was still popular among discriminating individuals such as crime lords, shady politicians and intelligence agents such as Cronal.