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"Yes, Count Dooku succeeded in using the HoloNet for Separatist propaganda purposes, but Republic forces were quick to shut down those Shadowfeeds. If memory serves, COMPOR itself was established as a result of the navy's actions at the time."
Vice Admiral Dodd Rancit to Harus Ison, regarding Dooku's Shadowfeeds during the Clone Wars[src]

Shadowfeeds were unauthorized holofeeds used by the Separatist Alliance leader, Count Dooku, to spread propaganda in favor of the Separatists or against the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars. Shadowfeeds were created through sabotage of legitimate HoloNet networks.[1]

Republic Intelligence was able to shut down many of these Shadowfeeds quickly, which eventually led to the creation of the Commission for the Protection of the Republic. The governor of the planet Eriadu, Wilhuff Tarkin, was responsible for frustrating Dooku by providing counterintelligence to shut down his Shadowfeeds during the Clone Wars.[1]

Shadowfeeds continued into the time of the Galactic Empire, now broadcasting information the Empire did not want known. Sabine Wren, of the Spectres, monitored Shadowfeeds and learned information such as moss painting being a big deal on Alderaan.[2]



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