Shadows and Light is a 22-page colored comic featured in Star Wars Tales 23. It was advertised as a prequel to the video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, although it covers only a small portion of the game's backstory. The comic is based on the diaries of the three Jedi who are found dead in the game.

Plot summary[edit | edit source]

It is 3993 BBY. The terentatek, thought to be all but extinct as a result of the Great Hunt, are unexpectedly discovered on Korriban. The Jedi Council of Dantooine sends three Jedi, the most resistant to the temptations of the dark sideDuron Qel-Droma, Shaela Nuur, and Guun Han Saresh—to continue the Great Hunt.

As the heroes arrive on Korriban, Guun discovers that Shaela and Duron have fallen in love. Believing that his companions are falling to the dark side, Guun decides to abandon them and depart to Kashyyyk, which is rumored to be inhabited by a terentatek unknown to the Council. However, Guun himself uses sexuality as a means to gain information and considers this perfectly legitimate for a Jedi. He tries drawing the creature out the same way Revan later would: by hanging a dead animal on a liana. However, he fails to defeat the beast.

On Korriban, Shaela and Duron feel Guun Han's death through the Force. Duron is soon slain by a terentatek shortly after. Before his death, Duron is visited by visions of the upcoming Jedi Civil War. Shaela, feeling grief and rage at the loss of her love, is consumed by revenge and falls to the dark side. When she seeks out the terentatek that killed Duron, she finds not just the one, but two. In her fury, however, Shaela refuses to retreat and prepares to confront both terentateks. In that moment, Shaela's lightsaber dies and as the room returns to darkness, she recalls her Master's words: that she must always stay in the light.

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Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

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In the game Knights of the Old Republic, the main character will come across certain items hinting at the fates of Duron Qel-Droma, Shaela Nuur and Guun Han Saresh.

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