Shadows of the Empire: Evolution was a sequel to the original story by the author of the Shadows of the Empire book, Steve Perry. The series was the first foray into comics by the best-selling Perry.

The story is set in 4 ABY, which sets it one year after The Empire Strikes Back, and more or less shortly after the events of Return of the Jedi. Xizor, the leader of Black Sun, has been killed by Darth Vader, and Guri, a beautiful Human replica droid and Xizor's personal assassin, is left wondering what her future will hold now that she no longer has anyone to answer to. Throughout the ongoing struggle for underworld supremacy, Guri endeavors to uncover hints of her Human side—if it even exists. But in her quest to alter her programming and gain Humanity, Guri becomes the quarry of both bounty hunters and Rebels (led by Luke Skywalker). Secrets lay buried in her android mind that make her a valuable prey.

Issues[edit | edit source]

Collected (TPB) issue Released issue Future issue
Issue Title Publication date Trade paperback TPB pub date Omnibus collection Omnibus pub date
Shadows of the Empire: Evolution Shadows of the Empire: Evolution February 2, 2000 Star Wars Omnibus: Shadows of the Empire January 13, 2010
1 Shadows of the Empire: Evolution 1 February 11, 1998
2 Shadows of the Empire: Evolution 2 March 11, 1998
3 Shadows of the Empire: Evolution 3 April 8, 1998
4 Shadows of the Empire: Evolution 4 May 13, 1998
5 Shadows of the Empire: Evolution 5 June 17, 1998

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