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Shae Koda was a female Human Je'daii Ranger who served the Je'daii Order on Tython at the height of the Infinite Empire's reign. Only a Je'daii Journeyer when the Rakatan ship called the Devourer crash landed on Tython in 25,793 BBY, she was one of the first Je'daii to investigate the crash and discovered the Force Hound Xesh amid the rubble. Convinced that he would be an ally amid the coming tribulation, Koda was always his champion and served alongside him during the Infinite Empire's Invasion of the Tython system. Becoming romantically involved with Xesh, the pair survived the war and journeyed into the Silent Desert together at its conclusion.


Early life and training[]

A Force-sensitive Human of Dathomiri descent, Shae Koda was trained in the ways of the Force by the Je'daii Order on the planet Tython, one of nine planets in the Tython system which made up the Settled Worlds. Raised by her parents until she was orphaned at the Battle of Tython, the final battle of the Despot War, Koda achieved the rank of Journeyer at which time she carried a single Force-imbued blade as a defense against the wilds of Tython. During her travels between the nine Great Temples in 25,793 BBY, Koda studied under the guidance of Temple Master Quan-Jang at the Temple of Science, Anil Kesh. Together in the labs, Koda and Master Quan-Jang created a rancor-dragon through alchemy, whom Koda named Butch.[3] Sometime during their work together, Koda delved into the Abyss of Ruh to collect specimens for the project and almost died.[4]

While attempting to train the rancor-dragon, a mysterious man named Xesh, a Force Hound of the Infinite Empire crashed the Rakatan ship called the Devourer near the Rift on Tython. The surge of deaths associated with the crash alerted all Je'daii to the foreign presence on the world, as well as stirring a Force storm that would rage across the entire planet. Sensing the disturbance through a vision while deep inside the Rift, Koda was nearly killed before being rescued by Master Quan-Jang. Detailing the vision to her master, Koda was ordered to follow the vision to where ever it may lead in order to maintain balance in the Force.[3]

Meeting Xesh[]

Xesh saving Shae Koda

At the crash site, Koda met fellow Journeyers Sek'nos Rath and Tasha Ryo, both of whom had experience similar visions. Searching the wreckage of the alien ship, the trio discovered an escape pod carrying the stranger known as Xesh.[3] Drawing their blades, the Je'daii were shocked as Xesh's Forcesaber easily cut through their durasteel blades. Despite the loss of their weapons, the three Je'daii's mastery of the Force outmaneuvered Xesh and Koda was able to take the Forcesaber from his grasp. Unarmed and winded, the Je'daii forced Xesh deeper into the Rift towards the dangerous Abyss of Ruh.[4] While tracking the Force Hound, the three Je'daii experienced hallucinations brought on by the dark energies inside the Abyss. Koda was sent into a rage after apparitions of her deceased parents stirred resentment she held towards them for abandoning her through their deaths. After Rath was able to calm her, the trio was able to locate Xesh as he battled a saarl. When Rath's distraction only antagonized the beast, the group was forced to flee deeper into the cave. Making a final stand, Koda and her allies attempted to hold off the beast but were unable to turn on the Forcesaber she had confiscated from Xesh. At the urging of her fellows, Koda relinquished possession of the saber to Xesh in hopes that he would activate it and kill the saarl; however Xesh took the weapon and abandoned the Je'daii to their fate. To his surprise, none of them did. Xesh then spontaneously aided Koda against the saarl, ultimately killing it.[4]

The Je'daii Masters soon arrived, having determined that Xesh was the cause of the storm threatening Tython and demanded that he surrender. Xesh then turned on the Je'daii, only to be struck by lightning channeled by Master Quan-Jang. In anger, Shae grabbed Xesh's Forcesaber, blaming him for the apparent death of her Master. Xesh willingly resigned himself to death and encouraged her to eat his heart. Shae relented, stating that it wasn't the Je'daii way. Xesh remarked that they were odd beings and passed out.[2]

Later, Koda was training with Ryo and Rath on Stav Kesh with master Tave. Tave realized that three were too focused on Xesh to think about their lessons. They complained to him that their visions were being ignored. Tave assured them that the situation was far too dire to ignore. He then told Rath and Koda to go to The Forge and Ryo to report to Kaleth.[5]

At The Forge Master Madog was studying Xesh's Forcesaber. He asked Koda to ignite it. Failing, she suggested that Madog's testing had broken the weapon. However, Hawk Ryo took and activated the weapon, explaining that he used Bogan to do so. Koda later explained this to Quan-Jang, claiming she had resisted the temptation to ignite the Forcesaber. Quan-Jang ordered her to give into temptation then next time, explaining "We must delve into the Dark for greater understanding". Rath appeared and attempted to cheer up Koda, by saying that he wished that he could be given a chance with the Forcesaber. Koda, however, stated that she would rather forget about certain things. But Rath continued, realizing that brought up memories of her parents' death. Rath continued trying to improve Koda's mood pointing out that her parents' sacrifice saved Tython--and they too had saved Tython from Xesh's ship. [6]

Tracking The Exiles[]

Shae Koda riding Butch

Unfortunately it soon became clear that Xesh and the Prisoner of Bogan–the infamous Daegen Lok–had disappeared from their cells. The Je'daii dispatched two teams to track them, one consisting of Sek'nos Rath, Master Jake Fenn, and Ranger Bel Zana. The other was Rori Fenn, Hawk Ryo, and Koda. The first team--lead by Master Fenn--went to Xesh's cell. They found him missing and had to fight off several terenta. Ranger Ryo's team went to Lok's abode, discovering the extended equipment of a Pho-V fighter. Koda saw several carvings on the walls, showing a massive bearded man wielding the Force and carrying a Forcesaber. While initially believing Xesh had done the carving, Ryo knew it was actually Lok. Ryo recalled the vision he and Lok had shared in the chasm--nearly driving him insane and causing him to attempt to strangle Ranger Fenn. Recovering, Ryo recalled how he lied to escape Bogan--and how he had convinced himself the vision was a hallucination--but how they had now given Lok the only being in the Tython system capable of building a Forcesaber. And it was also clear that they had escaped the moon in the Pho-V fighter.[7]

The teams now split up. Ranger Ryo's team went to Nox--knowing that Xesh and Lok would need the Forges there to build a Forcesaber. The others went to Krev Coeur knowing that the two would need the crystals found there. In the city of Boneyard on Nox, they saved a child from mutant slashrats. The child expressed the typical inhabitant of Nox's feeling towards the Je'daii--You be Nasties. They then received a communication of Master Fenn on Kalimahr. Zana had suffered from a mind twist from Lok and believed she was on fire. Rath had fallen from a cliff and was presumed dead. Koda was horrified, realizing she could not sense Rath--nor had she sensed his death. Ranger Ryo ordered her to remain in balance and track Xesh. Koda was able to track Xesh to Skrag's Cantina where Lok was meeting with the remains of Queen Hadiya's Inner Circle--to gather an army for attacking Tython. Ranger Ryo was almost shot by several of the ex-generals, but escaped. Ranger Fenn and Koda followed Lok and Xesh--only to split up causing Ryo to send Koda after Xesh while following Lok himself. Koda found Xesh and furiously declared that Xesh had betrayed them by escaping Bogan and killing Rath. Xesh brushed this aside and drew his Forcesaber declaring I give you the same opportunity I gave Sek'nos Rath. Walk away. He warned her that he would only fight to the death. She prepared to fight anyway, and scored a small wound against his side before a giant dianoga broke through the ground under them and dragged her underwater. Xesh considered leaving her to die, but decided to rescue her. He killed the dianoga and dragged Koda to the surface. He gave her respiratory breathing and then declared to her that she was his prisoner before leaving with Lok. Just after Koda was captured, Ranger Ryo received a message from Sek'nos Rath who had been rescued by the mysterious Trill.[8]

With Koda as a prisoner, Lok twisted her mind with the Force which rendered her compliant and semi-conscious. They then went and demanded help from Hawk and Ryo's brother--Volnos Ryo, Crime Baron of Shikaakwa. Ryo attempted to kill Lok and Xesh (though he intended to spare Koda) but was thwarted--then his younger brother arrived with Rath and Fenn. Xesh took Koda to an isolated spot on top of the Ryo Fortress where he briefly fought and defeated Rath. He then moved to help Lok who had been disarmed by Ryo. Xesh attacked Ryo from above, and Lok cut off Ryo's leg with his Forcesaber. This brought Koda back to consciousness and she attacked Lok. Lok ordered Xesh to kill her while he finished off Ryo. Koda asked Xesh whether he would be Lok's slave and told him that there was more to the Force than the dark side--declaring "You must Choose who you want to be!" Lok tossed her into a wall with the Force, declaring himself to be Xesh's master--a horrible miscalculation. Xesh slashed him across the chest declaring he would never again be a slave to anyone and only spared Lok's life when Koda interfered.[9]

A new enemy[]

Shae Koda fighting Xesh

Having reunited with Rath, Koda and her companions secured Xesh and Lok and were transported back to Tython by Rath's unusual companion, Trill. Upon their arrival, Lok was immediately taken back to Bogan while Xesh agreed to formally join the Je'daii and reveal all he remembered about the Rakata. Koda returned to her duties as a Journeyer, joining Master Quan'Jang in studying the information provided by Xesh as Tython prepared for a war which seemed imminent.[9] Their predictions would indeed prove correct, and the Infinite Empire launched a full scale invasion of the Tython system in 25,793 BBY. During the early stages of the war, Koda had been promoted to the rank of Ranger and was equipped with a Forcesaber to wield against the invaders.[10]

A year into the fighting, Koda fought at the battle of Shikaakwa where she rode her rancor-dragon, Butch in battle. Following Xesh from the air as he led his troops on the ground, Koda had begun drawing heavily on the dark side of the Force to defeat her enemies and cast them off their mounts as she fought Force Hounds in the air. After the battle, Koda joined the troops on the ground as they celebrated their victory against the Rakata in battle. Koda argued with her friend, Sek'nos Rath, who found the lack of Balance in the Force during the fighting to be troubling and longed for the wars of old where true Je'daii maintained the Balance. After Rath stormed off, Koda and Xesh slipped away from the rest of the camp, only for Koda to retreat from Xesh's familiarity with promises to see him in the morning.[10]

When Xesh began having nightmares that convinced him that his former Rakatan masters were drawing him back to their side, Koda assuaged his fears by reminding him that he had come far in his Je'daii teachings and that he had earned the Order's trust and gratitude. Constantly living under the stress of war and the promise of death, Koda felt it important to reveal to Xesh that she had been harboring feelings of love for him since they had met. Unable to reciprocate her feelings because of his Rakatan training and a lack of knowledge of love, Xesh agreed he also felt something for her and as a sign of his affections, he revealed his true name, Tau. Touched by his confession of something so private to him, they embraced and spent the evening together, making the most of what short time of rest during the chaos and uncertainty of war. Forming a Force bond, the pair fought together again on Ska Gora, with Koda in the air and Xesh infiltrating the Rakatan base. During the fighting, Koda sunk deeply into the dark side and entered into a vicious conflict with a Force Hound mounted on a dragon. Before she could deliver the finishing blow, Master Quan-Jang swooped in and knocked the Force Hound off his mount to fall to his death. Enraged that the Je'daii Master had robbed her of the kill, the Temple Master warned her off from her descent into the dark side.[11]

As the battle worsened and Rath and Xesh seemed to disappear from the front line, Koda and Quan-Jang's aerial assault seemed fruitless. Fearing for Quan-Jang, who refused to give himself over to the dark side, Koda rushed to his side as the battle continued to wear on them and their mounts. Sensing a deepening darkness around Xesh, Koda was unable to determine what was affecting him so and was ignorant to his imprisonment and torture despite their Force bond. While she continued fighting, Xesh was tortured into remembering his life as a Force Hound and was used by his Rakatan master to attack the Je'daii Seers and strike them blind. Unwilling to believe that her lover had betrayed them, Koda obeyed orders to retreat from the battle and return to Tython to defend against the final assault of the Rakata.[12] Once on Tython, Koda acknowledged that the Force was telling her that Xesh was fully entrenched in the dark side and she pledged that should she be confronted by Xesh, she would do her duty as a Je'daii, even if it meant striking him down. When the battle began, Koda rode her mount into battle once more in the defense of Anil Kesh. Descending into the Chasm underneath the Temple, Koda detected Xesh's Force present and rushed to find him. Encountering Rath and Lok in battle with Flesh Raiders, Koda was unaware of the key past the barrier which existed in the Chasm which drove all mad if not adequately protected. Willing to risk it, Koda prepared to cross the barrier but was stopped by Lok who revealed in her mind the key which would let her pass unharmed.[13]

Descending past the Chaos Wall, Lok encouraged Koda to sink deeper into the dark side, playing on her feelings of abandonment which she held towards Xesh and her dead parents. Upon finding Xesh and his master, Predor Skal'nas, Lok and Koda engaged the two in battle. While Lok fought viciously against the Rakatan, Koda attempted to bring Xesh back into Balance but was knocked unconscious by Skal'nas after he unlocked the Infinity Gate that he had long sought. Prone on the ground next to the mouth of the gate, Koda was helpless as Xesh unleashed his fury on her attacker. Unknown to any of them down in the Chasm, Tasho Ryo had used her mastery of the Holocron of A'nang to unlock the secrets of the Tho Yor and weaponize it against the Infinity Gate. Unleashing a beam of destructive energy, the Inifinity Gate was destroyed as Xesh cut down Skal'nas. Gathering Koda and a wounded Lok, Xesh and his Je'daii companions climbed on the back of Butch the rancor-dragon and escaped the Chasm alive.[14]

Sometime after the conflict ended and the Rakata retreated, Xesh and Koda met alongside the border of the Silent Desert, before embarking on a journey across its silent sands together.[14]

Personality and traits[]

Shae Koda and Xesh, for whom she developed romantic feelings

A lithe Human female, Shae Koda was of Dathomiri descent and styled herself in the heritage of her people by sporting a triangular tattoo on her forehead. Wearing her hair in tight rows, Koda embodied the martial aspects of the Force and struggled to keep the balance during times of struggle. Initially not fond of Tasha Ryo because of her lack of martial skill and a perceived superiority complex in the Twi'lek daughter of Je'daii Temple Master Kora Ryo, Koda bonded with fellow Journeyer Sek'nos Rath and his fighting skills. Self-conscious and bearing the emotional scars of her parents' death, Koda's deepest fears revolved around being alone and unwanted by those close to her. Upon meeting the Force Hound Xesh, she immediately formed a Force bond with him and fought as his advocate among the Je'daii Masters.

During the early skirmishes of the Force War, Koda admitted her love for Xesh, a feeling that Master Quan-Jang rebuked her for and reminded her that to become too attached was not the way of the warrior. Relying on the dark side of the Force for her power, Koda sunk deeper into hatred and bloodlust during the fighting, but was brought back into the light through her love of Xesh.

Powers and abilities[]

As a Je'daii Journeyer, Shae Koda was very talented in the Force, and proved a talented alchemist under the tutelage of Master Quan-Jang. Creating the rancor-dragon Butch during her time at Anil Kesh, Koda had the capacity for animal friendship, a technique derived from a sort of compulsion of the will. During this time, she was one of only four Force-sensitives on Tython to see the the Force Hound Xesh as he projected his mind out onto Tython.

As a Ranger, Koda was adept at channeling her rage and hatred into powering the Forcesaber, which brought her out of Balance and deeper into the dark side of the Force. Proficient in mounted combat, Koda would ride her rancor-dragon through battle while combating attacks by Force Hounds riding winged monstrosities.



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