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"Mother? Father?"
"Shae… child…"
―Shae Koda's vision of her mother and father[src]

The mother of Shae Koda was a Human female who was a member of the Je'daii Order on Tython. She and her husband were killed in 25,793 BBY, when they were defending the Je'daii Temple Kaleth during the conflict known as the Despot War.


"They died—gloriously—in the Despot War! At the gates of Kaleth, by Hadiya's hand!"
Sek'nos Rath, to Shae Koda[src]

A Human female member of the Je'daii Order on the planet Tython, the woman had a daughter named Shae Koda with her husband, another Je'daii of Dathomiri descent like her. Koda's mother was fair-skinned with orange hair kept in a ponytail, wearing armor and a green triangle tattoo on her forehead, and she bore her daughter sometime before the year 25,805 BBY, when the Twi'lek Despot Queen Hadiya attempted to conquer the Tython system in the Despot War. Koda's parents fought the Despot Army on Tython, but both were killed by Hadiya at the gates of Kaleth, the Temple of Knowledge. Though the war ended with a Je'daii victory, Koda grew up an orphan and resented her parents for abandoning her. In 25,793 BBY, while in the Rift—a ravine on Tython saturated with the dark side—Koda encountered visions of her parents and attacked them in rage.[2] In 25,792 BBY, Koda's parents appeared in a vision to her in the depths of the Chasm on Tython.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

Shae Koda's mother was first mentioned in Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi 0, a prequel issue for the comic book series Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi, and she first appeared as an unnamed character in a flashback to the Despot War in the comic book Dawn of the Jedi: Force Storm 1.[1] She was first identified in a vision to Koda in issue four.[2] Her parents were also mentioned in the seventh issue of the series.[4]



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