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"You look like my daddy."
―Shaeeah, to Rex[1]

Shaeeah Lawquane was a female human-Twi'lek hybrid who was the daughter of Suu Lawquane and the adopted daughter of Cut Lawquane, a clone deserter, during the Clone Wars. Shaeeah and her family lived on Saleucami until shortly after the rise of the Galactic Empire.


Early life[]

Shaeeah Lawquane was a female human-Twi'lek hybrid born in 26 BBY[2] to the Twi'lek Suu Lawquane. At some point after the First Battle of Geonosis, Suu met a clone trooper deserter named Cut. Cut married Suu, making him become the[1] adoptive father[5] to Shaeeah and her younger brother, Jek Lawquane.[1]

The Clone Wars[]


The Lawquanes eat dinner with Captain Rex.

In 21 BBY,[2] during the Battle of Saleucami, Captain Rex was injured by a commando droid sniper, rather than call off the search for General Grievous, Rex was given a bacta patch and taken to the Lawquane's Farm. Suu allowed Rex to recover overnight in their barn. While Suu was giving Rex food, The ball Shaeeah was playing with flew into the barn. Shaeeah ran in after it, and upon seeing Rex's face, remarked on the similarity between him and her father.[1]


Shaeeah, Jek, and Suu hide from the BX-series commando droids.

Later that night, Shaeeah and Jek finished their dinner and went to play outside. While running in the field surrounding their house, Shaeeah and Jek stumbled across a Separatist escape pod from the battle overhead. They decided to explore the pod, and while inside, Shaeeah hit a button with her elbow, activating the commando droids stored within. Shaeeah and Jek ran back to their house, where they told their father of the encounter. After Cut confirmed the identity of the droids, he sent Shaeeah, Jek, Suu, and Rex to the upper level of the house for protection. Cut remained downstairs and fought the droids. After defeating many of the droids, Cut became trapped, and the remaining droids attempted to head upstairs. Rex defended the family, while Cut freed himself and defeated the remaining droids.[1]

Shaeeah and Jek

Shaeeah and Jek wave goodbye to Captain Rex.

The next morning, Rex had recovered enough to return to service. As they had developed a friendship, Cut offered for Rex to remain with the Lawquanes. Rex declined his offer, saying that his family was elsewhere. When Suu asked if Rex would turn in Cut to the Republic, Rex agreed not to, using his injury as an excuse to feign amnesia and ignorance of the situation. The Lawquanes then saw Rex off, as he rode back to his squad on an eopie they had allowed him to use.[1]

Imperial Era[]

By the time the new Galactic Empire was declared, the patches of pink and blue skin had shifted somewhat. When clone troopers began to identify citizens and impound ships on Saleucami, Cut knew that he would likely be discovered and planned to move his family offworld. They were soon visited by Rex, followed by Clone Force 99 the day after that. Shaeeah and Jek were excited to see their "Uncle Wrecker," and would spend time with Omega playing outside. Eventually the two children went inside to finish packing and, with the help of the Bad Batch, were able to forge chain codes and make it offworld.[6]


"You know the Lawquanes? Old man Cut, he fought in the Clone Wars. He saw the truth of things: No side in war is the right side. He did the right thing. Settled down. Had a family. Never got drawn back into the muck."
―Glen Taffral, to his children[7]

In 4 ABY,[8] Glen Taffral, a man to lived on Saleucami with his sons, Dav and Webb Taffral, who each served opposing sides in the Galactic Civil War, mentioned the Lawquane family in a lesson for his bickering children. Using Cut Lawquane and his family as examples, Glen instructed his sons to put aside their ideological differences and choose to stick by family over government, as Cut did during the Clone Wars.[7]

Personality and traits[]

"You are not funny."
"Am too! "
Jek and Shaeeah[1]

Shaeeah was a Twi'lek/Human hybrid.

Shaeeah was a Human/Twi'lek hybrid with blue skin interspersed with patches, bright pink eyes, a slender build, and lekku that reached her waist. As a child, she was very playful and mischievous. She enjoyed scaring her brother, Jek. She enjoyed spending time outside, often begging to do so. At times, she would play with a floating ball, which she would lose control of and chase after.[1] When the family was visited by Clone Force 99, Shaeeah and her brother would form a good relationship with Wrecker, whom they would grow to refer to as "Uncle Wrecker." When Clone Force 99 returned after the rise of the Galactic Empire, Shaeeah was excited to meet Omega, saying that they never got to hang out with other kids.[6]


"I couldn't help it mom! It got away!"
―Shaeeah, to Suu Lawquane about her ball[1]

Shaeeah wore a green dress with a brown belt. She also wore a brown head wrap with wraps around her lekku.[1]

Shaeeah owned a small floating ball that she would play with and chase.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Pablo Hidalgo mentioned Shaeeah was always intended to have a human father, although they are not Cut's children, as Cut had not deserted early enough to father Shaeeah.[9] Shaeeah was voiced by Nika Futterman in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars: The Bad Batch.



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