"We specifically asked the Jedi [sic] stay out of this, since we were confident we could handle this. It's a Gotal issue, best handled by Gotal. Unfortunately, they meddled and we can now see the results of lightsaber diplomacy."
―Shagrad Loset[src]

Shagrad Loset was a Gotal who led the Gotal Foreign Affairs Commune[1] on Antar 4[2] during a hostage standoff on Atzerri in 22 BBY. When the Roshu Sune,[1] a militant splinter branch of the Gotal Assembly for Separation, hijacked a commuter hopper in the Atzerri spaceport of Skreeka,[2] Loset[1] and the Commune hoped to resolve the crisis independently of foreign aid[2] and asked the peace-keeping Jedi Order not to interfere in the matter. A Jedi task force was dispatched to Atzerri by the Jedi Council anyway, and their ensuing confrontation with the Roshu Sune saw two Jedi, twelve hostages, and all of the guerrillas lose their lives. Loset later spoke to reporters from HoloNet News and criticized the Jedi Order for interfering in Gotal affairs.[1]

Personality and traits[edit | edit source]

Loset was confident in the ability of the Gotal Foreign Affairs Commune to resolve the hostage standoff with minimal bloodshed, and believed that the crisis was an issue that should have been left to Gotals to handle. Loset was publicly critical of the Jedi Order for the loss of life that occurred in the standoff.[1]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Shagrad Loset appeared in Gotal Standoff Ends Violently, an article published in HoloNet News Vol. 531 53 on the HoloNet News website in 2002. It has been Loset's only appearance in canon to date.

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