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Shakara Nuress, also known as "Grandmother," was a human female who held the rank of colonel and was the commander of the 204th Imperial Fighter Wing of the Galactic Empire. She had previously served in the Republic Navy during the Clone Wars.


Shakara Nuress served in the Republic Navy during the Clone Wars, and when the Galactic Republic transitioned into the Galactic Empire, Nuress continued to serve; eventually reaching the military rank of colonel and serving as the commander of the 204th Imperial Fighter Wing.[2] During the Galactic Civil War against the Alliance to Restore the Republic, Nuress dispatched Squadron Five of the 204th on a mission to the Kudo system to secure the Celerity, an Imperial-class Star Destroyer that was having hyperdrive issues and thus open to a hijacking.[3]


Nuress was commanding the Star Destroyer Pursuer when it attacked a spice-mining outpost on an ashen planet near her base of operations. She decided not to send in TIE bombers due to her limited forces and instead commanded Major Rassus to totally destroy the outpost. Upon her return to Pandem Nai, she was contacted by Colonel Madrighast who tried to convince her to join his forces. When she refused, he accused her of starting her own empire, but she explained she had a found a valuable base of operations and it would be a good supply point for whoever took over leadership of the Empire. She spent the next several days checking on the Tibanna production facilities and then returned to Orbital One. One of her subordinates, Lieutenant Preartes, asked her if she had received any orders from Imperial High Command. She went to her personal quarters to ask the messenger droid that had given her the command to execute Operation: Cinder if it had any new orders but it did not respond.[2]

Personality and traitsEdit

She was well-respected, harsh, territorial and protective of her people. These traits, in combination with her reputation for being senile, earned her the nickname as "Grandmother." Her unit held her in high regard despite not always liking her. Yrica Quell credited Nuress for making the 204th successful and for organizing it to its current standing. She was known to only allow the squadron to be deployed for missions she deemed acceptable. She made them unavailable if she did not like an operation. While previous commanders of Shadow Wing used the unit as a stepping-stone to promotions, Nuress never did this and kept the unit intact without searching for glory.[2]

Nuress had silver hair and storm-gray eyes.[2]


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