Shal'mak was a wealthy Kian'thar from Shaum Hii who was wife to a derlac herder and fanatical crime lord of the Black Sun.


Shal'mak's heritage consists of a long line of crime lords. Shal'mak's position was inherited from her uncle who inherited it from his second cousin, she later passed on the position of Vigo to her son Kreet'ah.

Shal'mak possessed inate empathic abilities which aided her criminal activities making her a very dangerous foe. The Black Sun employed Shal'mak mostly for money laundering and other financial operations. On a mission to Ralltiir Shal'mak had been directed by the Black Sun to reclaim the fortress of Alexi Garyn after it had been overran by a local syndicate. Shal'mak also worked under the direction of Prince Xizor.

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