"You are ready to fight a greater evil."
―Ortraag, to Shalavaa[src]

Shalavaa was a Human male Jedi Knight active in the Jedi Order around the time of the Great Sith War. The Padawan of Jedi Master Ortraag, Shalavaa completed his Jedi training in 4000 BBY and was sent on his first assignment shortly afterward. Shalavaa went to a remote agricultural colony to serve as a Jedi Protector, only to find himself intensely bored by an uneventful first few weeks. Soon, that all changed, as Shalavaa set out to investigate the disappearance of a nerf herder near a supposedly haunted ravine. As Shalavaa searched for the missing herdsman in the dark ravine, he was attacked by a carnivorous plant that made the place its home. Shalavaa fought the creature with his lightsaber and killed it after a short battle. Afterward, Ortraag appeared, congratulating his former apprentice and informing him that he was ready for greater and more important challenges.

Biography[edit | edit source]

"Your training with me is finished. Now your training in the greater galaxy begins."
―Ortraag, to Shalavaa[src]

Shalavaa was a Human male Jedi Knight active around four thousand years before the Battle of Yavin. Shalavaa was originally the Padawan of Jedi Master Ortraag, who trained him in the light side of the Force and the ways of the Jedi Order. In 4000 BBY, Shalavaa completed his apprenticeship under Ortraag and gained the title of Jedi Knight. For his first assignment, Shalavaa traveled to an outlying colony of fenti bean farms and nerf herders, to serve as a Jedi Protector. After Ortraag dropped him off on the world in his starship, Shalavaa was left to solve local problems.[1]

Shalavaa found the first few weeks on the colony to be quite boring—desiring adventure and excitement, he instead found himself resolving minor disputes between colonists and rounding up stray nerf herds. However, one day, Shalavaa set out to investigate the disappearance of a nerf herder whose nerfs were found near a ravine believed by the locals to be haunted, as others had vanished in the area in the past. As Shalavaa arrived at the entrance to the ravine, cut into a tall mesa, he found no trace of the missing herdsman. Igniting his lightsaber for illumination, Shalavaa proceeded into the dark ravine, which the Knight found to be covered in vines.[1]

As Shalavaa slowly ascended into the ravine, he eventually stumbled across one of the herdsman's boots nestled in the undergrowth. Using the Force to magnify his senses, Shalavaa looked around for other clues. With his senses heightened, Shalavaa noticed something that gave him pause—some of the vines that infested the ravine were thicker than others and were moving ever so slightly. Realizing that the vines were part of some sort of beast, Shalavaa was able to avoid a sudden strike from one of the appendages. Several other tentacles shot out at Shalavaa, who desperately fought them off with his lightsaber, eventually slicing through them all. Shalavaa soon found the creature's maw and killed the beast with one final lightsaber strike. At that moment, Ortraag emerged from the shadows of the ravine and congratulated Shalavaa for his work. Ortraag told his student that he was ready to take on further challenges and fight a greater evil.[1]

Personality and traits[edit | edit source]

A Human male with light skin, brown eyes, and brown hair, Shalavaa deeply desired the adventure and excitement he hoped would come with becoming a Jedi Knight. Although nervous and insecure after first arriving on the colony, being alone on duty for the first time, Shalavaa's feeling soon gave way to boredom, as he was forced to take care of problems in which he had no interest. Quick-thinking, Shalavaa was also an able mediator, which he proved by solving a number of disputes between farmers and herders on the colony. Shalavaa was quite knowledgeable in the fields of culture, language, and bureaucracy.[1]

Powers and abilities[edit | edit source]

"You have proven your skill with the traditional Jedi weapon."
―Ortraag, to Shalavaa[src]

Trained in the ways of the light side by Master Ortraag, Shalavaa was, by 4000 BBY, quite skilled with a lightsaber and could also ably use a blaster. In his ordeal in the ravine, Shalavaa used the Force to magnify his senses, an ability he learned directly from Ortraag—Shalavaa was also adept in the Force powers life detection, Force sense, and Control Pain. By 4000 BBY, Shalavaa could operate repulsorcraft, along with other technical abilities—he was also versed in droid programming and repair, along with first aid. An agile and athletic young man, Shalavaa was naturally gifted in bargaining and persuasion.[1]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

The character Shalavaa was created by Peter M. Schweighofer and illustrated by Brian Durfee for the Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game adventure "Jedi Protector," which was published in 1997's Star Wars Galaxy Magazine 13. The story presented three possible outcomes to Shalavaa's encounter with the carnivorous plant, which were contingent on the outcomes of several dice rolls. The scenario presented in this article reflects the most successful and probable outcome. Depending on the dice rolls, Shalavaa can fail to notice the beast until it has already attacked him, forcing him to fight the carnivorous plant while already in its grasp. If Shalavaa still succeeds to slay the beast, Ortraag appears and congratulates him, while noting that his skills need work. However, if Shalavaa fails, Ortraag will intervene and kill the carnivorous plant himself, afterward disappointingly noting that he was too hasty in sending the Jedi out on his own.[1]

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