"I've never been to the surface, but sometimes I think I can see it in my dreams. The sun, the sky, the stars, it all sounds so… so… so wonderful."
―Shaleena speaking of what she thought the Upper City was like.[src]

Shaleena was a young female Human who lived on Taris. She was an Outcast and lived in the Undercity Outcast village.


Shaleena was born and raised in the Undercity, and had never seen the sky. As a child, she was enchanted with the tales of Rukil, but eventually became disillusioned with his beliefs in the Promised Land. She still respected him though, as she did Gendar. She tried to maintain a decent standard of behavior amongst her fellow villagers, and chided those who resorted to begging and mugging. She was friendly to strangers, longing to hear tales of the Upper City especially.[1]

She, along with the other Outcasts; left the village for the Promised Land when its location was discovered.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Shaleena's real face

Shaleena's unused character model

Shaleena appears as a non-player character in the 2003 role playing game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. A unique appearance for Shaleena exists in the game files but went unused in the final product.

In an alternate non-canon dark side option, Revan can give the journals of the Promised Land to Igear, who will promptly destroy them. Shaleena will be angry at your selfishness and refuse to talk to you ever again.


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