"I don't think anyobe gould gill a Wookiee habd to habd, sir. But she gomes gloser than anyobe I'be seen."
Radaf Netbers, after having his nose broken by Nelprin[src]

Shalla Nelprin was a female Human X-wing pilot from Wraith Squadron who was selected for her proficiency in hand-to-hand combat, and for her knowledge of Imperial Intelligence doctrine and tactics.


The Nelprin family was fairly well known in the New Republic Defense Fleet for their proficiency in unarmed combat.[1] Shalla's father was Vyn Narcassan, a Galactic Republic intelligence officer who disappeared after the rise of Palpatine's Galactic Empire.[2] He was hunted by the Imperials but was never found.[4] Nelprin and her sister, Vula, were both trained by Narcassan in hand-to-hand techniques, leading Vula to become a successful instructor in the art. Vula was Kell Tainer's instructor, and could toss him around like a rag doll—Nelprin claimed she was even better, and her performance supported this.[1]

She managed to infiltrate Zsinj's headquarters, thanks to Kell's previous mention of her under an alias, during a previous meeting with Zsinj. However, due to an absent-minded boast during said meeting, she was forced to fight Captain Radaf Netbers in hand-to-hand combat. Face had bragged she could beat a Wookiee, Kell gave details, and this prompted Netbers to try and confirm it. Luckily, Nelprin's own boasts were not exaggerated, leading to Netbers having his nose broken.[1] She faced Netbers a second time during a later mission, and charged him to prevent discovery of her identity. Netbers nearly murdered her, except her squadron-mate Hohass Ekwesh intervened.[4]

After her participation in the Battle for the Razor's Kiss with the Executor-class Star Dreadnought Razor's Kiss, Nelprin was promoted to lieutenant and granted permission to paint half of an Executor-class silhouette on her X-wing.[1]

Although not present during the Wraith operations against the Yuuzhan Vong, Nelprin transferred to New Republic Intelligence Service with the majority of her squadron when they were recommissioned as an intelligence unit.[4]

Nelprin would again appear in 40 ABY as a member of Intelligence investigating Syal Antilles during the Second Galactic Civil War, no longer a Wraith Squadron member.[3]



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