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A Felucian shaman

A shaman, also known as a medicine man,[1] was a member of a primitive society, usually an elder, who was thought to have mystical powers or be able to communicate with spirits or deities. Shamans had various roles depending on the species and the level of sapience. They existed in the societies of the Duloks, Ewoks, Felucians, Gutretees, Jawas, Kaleesh, Nelvaanians, Sand people, Tintinna, Nightsisters[2] and Wookiees.[3] There was also a Shaman of the Whills, although the exact nature of this shaman is unknown.

Often, the shaman was actually a Force Adept. They used their connection with the Force to heal or provide insight to the future. They were considered wise and often served as mediators in conflicts. Usually pacifistic, some shamans were well trained in the martial arts and engaged in battles with the warriors from their tribe.[4]

Apart from her ability to communicate with the other realm, the Nightsister shaman was also the keeper of the artifacts. Apparently, all Nightsister talismans and other Force-imbued items belonged to the community and were placed under the authority of the shaman. Indeed, the witches had to borrow the artifacts and return them afterwards. When Charal turned her back on her sisters and left Dathomir, she secretly stole the Talisman of the Raven. Many years later, in her manifesto Wild Power, clan shaman Talzin complained about "one of the sisters" never returning the talisman.[2]

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Logray, Ewok shaman of Bright Tree Village on Endor



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