"Flitters are small flying rodents that can imitate other beings' speech, for those who aren't familiar with this particular rodent. I sure wasn't a month ago. I have no idea why anyone would want such a little horror in his or her home, but there you are."

Shamarok flitters were flying creatures with leathery wings native to Ithor.


Shamarok flitters were small, flying rodents native to the planet Ithor. They could imitate other beings' speech.[1]


In 0 BBY, Shamarok flitters became a heavily sought after item amongst the wealthy elite on Lianna. Cynabar advised that anyone looking for a quick credit-turnaround should buy flitters from Ithorian Herdships for around 400 credits, and sell them on Lianna for around 1,200 credits. Cynabar believed that the window of opportunity would remain open for another week, and that anyone looking to take advantage should carry permit IC-40X1-CRE from Imperial Commerce to ensure they could get through customs.[1]



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