"Shamed ones are cursed by the gods, they work as slaves, they are not worth speaking of."
Vua Rapuung[src]

The Shamed Ones were Yuuzhan Vong who were a caste all of their own. The Shamed Ones were "imperfect" in some way, having failed in another caste, had their bodies reject implants, committed heresy, or were simply physically deformed. Though part of the worker caste, they were held in contempt even by those members. They were held to be rejected by the rest of the gods, and the only deity they could worship was Yun-Shuno. To be present at a ceremony of religious importance was held to be a great insult to the god in question.

After the Yuuzhan Vong attack on Yavin 4, and the redemption of Vua Rapuung, the Shamed Ones came to believe that the Force was the remains of Yun-Yuuzhan, and that the Jedi were connected with the Yuuzhan Vong. The Jeedai heresy was formed, and Nom Anor assumed the guise of the prophet Yu'shaa, preaching that the arrival of Zonama Sekot would herald the end of the Shamed Ones' oppression. They rose up against Supreme Overlord Shimrra and the Warrior caste, and the chaos they caused was vital in the Battle of Yuuzhan'tar. After the war's end, the Shamed Ones were renamed the Extolled.



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