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The Shamunaar was a frigate operated by the Galactic Alliance in the years following the Yuuzhan Vong War. It was captained by a Devaronian named Biurk.

In 40 ABY, the Shamunaar was assigned with coordinating all the Alliance's reconnaissance and fighting forces in the Bothawui system, and charged with preventing Bothan fleets from leaving the system, when it was visited by Admiral Matric Klauskin, who was actually under the control of Lumiya. When engaging the crew of the Shamunaar in a simulation, Klauskin locked himself and Biurk in the auxiliary bridge. Klauskin immediately fired three shots into Biurk, killing him, then proceeded to open all of the hatches on the ship, suffocating the crew. He later turned the ship over to the Five Worlds.

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