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"Every pilot in the galaxy knows that’s a one-way trip."
―Two Phoenix Squadron pilots[src]

Shantipole was a remote planet located in the galaxy's Mid Rim that was renowned for having a violent atmosphere and being a one-way trip for pilots. It was home to the Mon Calamari Quarrie, who designed a prototype for the B-wing starfighter. During the blockade of Ibaar, Hera Syndulla, Sabine Wren and Garazeb Orrelios traveled to Shantipole to get the prototype B-wing to break Ibaar's blockade.[2]


A remote world[7] located in the galaxy's Mid Rim[1] orbited by at least one moon,[2] Shantipole had a violent atmosphere of gas and lightning and was practically desolate. The planet's surface was dominated by mountain spires[3] covered with vibrantly-colored trees.[2] Large, winged creatures known as dactillions could be found in Shantipole's skies.[5]


Shantipole was once a highly prospected source of rare gases similar to tibanna, however investors abandoned Shantipole due to its unpredictable wind patterns.[6] Because of that violent atmosphere, most pilots typically avoided Shantipole,[3] with one regarding it as a "one-way trip."[2] This attribute, however, made it the perfect workplace for Quarrie, a Mon Calamari master engineer and starfighter designer, as it allowed him to toil on his creations far from the watchful eye of the Galactic Empire.[3] He established a secret starfighter laboratory and,[7] after years of work, he designed and built Prototype B6,[3] an advanced starfighter armed with experimental weapons, with the assistance of his astromech droid, BG-81.[7]


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