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==Behind the scenes==
==Behind the scenes==
As explained by [[Kae Kwaad]], the Protocols of Shaping resemble [[Wikipedia:Plato|Plato]]'s concept of [[Wikipedia:Theory of forms|the Forms]].
Based on the explanation of the Protocols of Shaping by [[Kae Kwaad]], it can be assumed that they resemble [[Wikipedia:Plato|Plato]]'s concept of [[Wikipedia:Theory of forms|the Forms]].

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"In the mind of Yun-Yuuzhan is a perfect grutchin. It has never been seen by Yuuzhan Vong except in the protocols - never in living form. You and I, Adept, will incarnate the grutchin in the mind of Yun-Yuuzhan. It shall be perfect in form and proportion, precise in hue. When we are done, Yun-Yuuzhan will know us for true shapers, who create in his image."
Onimi disguised as Kae Kwaad[src]

The Shaping protocols were the guidelines and blueprints used by the Yuuzhan Vong to create their technology, stored within the Qang Qahsa. Stored in levels known as Cortexes, the first five cortexes were available to viewing by any member of the Shaper caste, but only Master Shapers were allowed access to the Sixth and Seventh Cortex. The highest of them was the Eighth Cortex, believed to be the most perfect information the Gods gave to the Yuuzhan Vong. In truth, the Eighth Cortex was near empty. Violation of the protocols was deemed heresy, and was grounds for automatic death.

List of known protocols

  • Vul Ag - reserved for more advanced organisms, this protocol explained how a bio-engineered creature would be made to transpire more easily.
  • Tsong - this protocol governed the usage of the Provoker spineray.
  • Qah - is a method used in the alteration of memory cells of another Yuuzhan Vong or lesser creature.
  • Hon Akua - this shaper law governed the production of the Grutchin.

Behind the scenes

Based on the explanation of the Protocols of Shaping by Kae Kwaad, it can be assumed that they resemble Plato's concept of the Forms.



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