"Thanks for the help. You're welcome to any of the salvage in the shuttle."
―Shariss Kartur[src]

Shariss Kartur was a Mirialan female living during the Cold War and Galactic War. She was good friends with Risha Drayen and Sumalee, and the three women were called "the Triple Threat" during their extravagant young years. Eventually, the three parted ways: Risha went into organized crime, Sumalee joined the Jedi Order, and Shariss became an Agent of the Republic Strategic Information Service. During the Galactic War in 3642 BBY, Shariss was investigating the activities of the Voidwolf on Hoth, when she got cornered by a group of White Maw pirates and had to hide herself in an old shuttle with no way to escape. She managed to send a call for help to Sumalee, who in turn redirected it to Risha, now traveling in the company of the smuggler known as Voidhound. The two blasted through the Voidwolf's forces, and after a warm reunion, Voidhound smuggled the entire shuttle with Shariss still inside offworld, declaring its content to be Imperial salvage.

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