Shark Squadron was an Imperial Army unit made up of Shark subfighters. Loyal to Darth Krayt's Galactic Empire, they participated in the Genocide on Dac.

History[edit | edit source]

Following Emperor Darth Krayt's decree that the Mon Calamari were to be exterminated, the Acklay Battle Fortress, Sea Lion, which contained Shark Squadron, pursued Mon Calamari refugees on the ocean floor of Dac. After discovering a refugee camp, Shark Squadron was deployed to wipe out the settlement. However, just as the attack had begun, Shark Squadron was attacked by the Mon Calamari Rangers in their Krakana subfighters. The unit began to take casualties, and despite efforts by the commander of the Sea Lion, Commander Sturves, to aid the Sharks, the squadron was slowly pushed away from the Mon Calamari civilians.

Shark Squadron in battle with the Mon Calamari Rangers.

Eventually, the Rangers' ally, Imperial Knight Treis Sinde, damaged the Sea Lion, causing Commander Sturves to abandon the attack. Shark Squadron was recalled to cover the retreat, and the Imperials left the battleground.

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