"He talks more to that starship than he does to me."
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The Sharp Spiral was the cherished personal starfighter of Jedi Master Saesee Tiin during the waning days of the Galactic Republic.


Master Tiin received the Sharp Spiral as a gift from a group of Duros diplomats after he rescued their convoy from pirates. Tiin modified his fighter heavily, adding a handmade hyperdrive unit, as well as adding laser cannons taken from a Hutt and a concealed proton torpedo launcher.


Sharp Spiral over Coruscant.

Tiin used his connection to the Force to increase the speed of his hyperdrive and guide him through hyperspace as he flew dangerously close to mass shadows. Such was his command of the Force that he needed no navigation computer to calculate his hyperspatial course. These skills earned for him the deep respect of the Sons and Daughters of Freedom, a vigilante militant crew that often aided the Jedi.

In atmospheric flight, Sharp Spiral was one of the fastest starfighters in the Jedi fleet. Its aerodynamic design made it supreme in the atmospheres of most planets.

Tiin perfected his piloting skills in the Sharp Spiral on his home planet of Iktotch. The constant gale-force winds would pose a challenge to any pilot—even a Jedi. After training in this manner for several years, Tiin was ready to face any aerial threat unfortunate enough to get in his way.


The Sharp Spiral had its finest hour when Tiin found himself facing down three large warships piloted by disenchanted members of the Freedom's Sons. Tiin utilized dizzying flight patterns to disable all the key components on the enemy craft. The helpless craft had been so damaged by this lone starfighter that they were left to float in empty space until they were arrested by Republic authorities.

The Sharp Spiral would also play a part in galactic events. When Order 66 was issued and Jedi around the galaxy were murdered, Bail Organa devised a plan. Sneaking into a hangar within the Senate hall, Organa stole the Jedi beacon from the now deceased Saesee Tiin's ship. This beacon was later used to contact Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi upon his escape from Utapau. After this incident, it is unknown what happened to the craft.



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