A sharpshooter squad was a formation of the Imperial Army whose members were more accurate and skilled with a blaster than their fellow soldiers, and were often equipped with sniper rifles.


In sharpshooter squads, the brevet list employed by other Imperial Army squad was discarded; in addition to their sharpshooter skills, troopers in the squad were cross-trained in demolitions and several other skills. Because of this, before each mission the sergeant appointed the trooper with the skills most appropriate to the assignment to take the rank of brevet corporal. Each trooper was completely briefed on the mission objectives, and were considered to be skilled enough to act independently and improvise if the sergeant and brevet corporal were killed in action. Officially, sharpshooter squads were not issued with light repeating blasters. However, most squads had acquired them, and their belief in their effectiveness led to the decision to issue the weapons to standard line squads.[1] Several members of sharpshooter squads were drawn from the ranks of the Special Missions forces.[2]


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