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The Sharu were an ancient humanoid species that built the colossal plastic pyramids on the worlds of the Rafa system and the Mindharp of Sharu. The Mindharp was a strange object that constantly changed form as it shifted through dimensions.


While traveling underneath their largest pyramid, Lando Calrissian and Vuffi Raa saw historic wall pictorials which indicated a little of the ancient history of the Sharu, and suggested they were created by a starfish-shaped precursor race.

Circa 100,000 BBY, the Sharu began to feel threatened by a powerful alien entity, possibly the Celestials. To protect themselves, the Sharu went underground and hid their cities beneath the plastic pyramids. The Sharu created the Mindharp so that when another civilization was able to activate it, the species would know it was safe to come out. They also used crystalline life-orchards to temporarily drain their intelligence, becoming the primitive Toka, or "Broken People." Prior to this event, the Sharu were highly advanced, reaching as far Coreward as Aargau.[2]

The Toka being restored into legendary Sharu and the surrounding pyramids collapsing with new cities emerging from their ruins

They were exploited by the Human colonists as slaves. In 4 BBY, Lando Calrissian discovered the Mindharp. Rafa IV's governor inadvertently activated the Mindharp and its subharmonic emanations started a reversal of the social order in the Rafa system. The Toka were restored into the legendary Sharu and the pyramids crumbled, with strange, new cities emerging. This also created an interdiction field which prevented hyperspace travel into and out of the system for weeks. Many of the Human settlements had also been destroyed, and the surviving settlers fled. Trade with the Rafa system also collapsed overnight.

However, this event brought countless scientists and researchers to the Rafa system. Many also considered Calrissian a hero for his role in the event. Though the Sharu did not prevent the scientists from doing their work, neither did they cooperate with what they perceived as "lesser sentients." As a result, little is known of Sharu history and technology. Even Emperor Palpatine felt threatened enough by the species to install a permanent military garrison in the Rafa system. However, his forces did not make any military move against the Sharu. Later, the New Republic had a five-hundred-member research team staffed by the Obroan Institute for Archaeology assigned to research the species.



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