Shatuun was a planet in the Kathol Outback region of the Outer Rim Territories. The planet was covered in towering mountains and plagued by fierce electrical storms. It was an isolated planet, seldom visited by travelers en route to Danoor.


Shatuun was home to a civilization tens of thousands of years before the Battle of Yavin, which came under the influence of the Celestials. This civilization later disappeared, apparently destroyed by the Celestials, leaving among their artifacts Ophidian grotesques. In 1 BBY, Doctor Insmot Bowen compared the artifacts to similar artistic motifs found on Coruscant and Caulus Tertius as evidence of pan-galactic Celestial influence.[2]

The planet later became home to a mated pair of Duinuogwuins. They had settled on planet in 52 BBY, intending to reproduce. After six decades of settling in, they were finally getting around to the task as of 8 ABY. They were shy about receiving visitors, but were welcome of the company if their privacy was ensured.



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