Shaupauts, also spelled shaupats, were carnivorous marsupials that were native to the Gungan swamps of Naboo. A large variety was the greater shaupaut.

A female carries her young.

Shaupauts hung upside down from swamp branches to catch avians, rodents, and other small animals with their long, hooked talons. It has a small mouth, however, and uses its claws to cut up its food, to make it more manageable. The species was most active at dusk and twilight. They had big eyes, giving them low-light visibility. They also had sensitive whiskers that helped with balance.

Females gave birth to more young than they could provide milk for, this left the weaker to die. The young took refuge in their mother's pouch until they grew older and eventually ventured out onto the mothers stomach and back. Its protection from carnivores is a powerful alkyl in its blood that is poisonous to most of its natural enemies. The Gungans often distill this alkyl, as it is an effective bleaching agent.

Some were kept as pets. A Wookiee member of the New Republic Senate had a pet shaupaut.

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"Some feral shaupaut have moved into the area. Their pack leader, known as Blot, is especially nasty. Could you make them go away?"
Vance Groten, to a spacer[src]

Circa 1 ABY,[1] Vance Groten recruited RSF agents to eliminate Blot's pack of aggressive feral shaupauts in order to protect the inhabitants of Dee'ja Peak.[2]}}

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A shaupaut.

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