"Shel, please… where's your little brother? Where's Shay?"
"Why, do you want to kill him, too?"
―Zayne Carrick and Shel Jelavan[2]

Shay Jelavan was a Human male native of Taris who was the younger brother of Jedi Padawan Shad Jelavan. Orphaned as a young boy in 3966 BBY, Jelavan lived in Taris' Middle City with his older sister, Shel, supported by Shad's stipend. In 3964 BBY, Shad was murdered with three of his classmates by their Jedi Masters, who believed that one of them would bring about the fall of the Jedi Order—fellow Padawan Zayne Carrick, Shad's best friend, escaped the carnage and was officially blamed for the murders. Although Shad's death left them with no one to support them, the Jelavans received a large amount of money from a mysterious benefactor, enough for Shay to be sent offworld to live with his grandparents on the planet Ord Mantell.


"Boy, those two coulda cut you with a look. What'd you ever do to them?"
"They think I killed their brother."
"No joke! Did you?"
"Doesn't matter much now, does it?"
―Valius Ying and Zayne Carrick, after seeing Shay and Shel Jelavan[3]

Shay Jelavan, a Human male, was a native of the planet Taris.[1] Orphaned as a child when an accident took the lives of his parents in Taris' Middle City, Jelavan lived with his older sister, Shel, in the Middle City—his older brother, Shad, a promising Jedi Padawan learning at Taris' Jedi Tower, supported the siblings with his stipend.[3] In 3964 BBY, Shad passed his final test as a Jedi Padawan,[4] and a banquet and Knighting ceremony was set up at the Jedi Tower. The families of the five Taris Padawans were invited to attend the banquet, and Jelavan did so with his sister. After the meal, the Padawans retired to their Masters' chambers to learn which of them would be Knighted.[1] However, once there Shad and three of his classmates were killed by their Masters, who were operating on the belief that one of their number would bring about the destruction of the Jedi Order.[3] Zayne Carrick, Shad's best friend, was the only one to escape and was officially blamed for the murders.[5]

The Padawan massacre became an object of intense interest on Taris, and Shay and Shel were interviewed by a news program that Carrick viewed as he hid in a Lower City bar.[5] The bounty hunter Valius Ying eventually tracked Carrick down in the Taris asteroid belt and returned him to Taris to be given over to the Jedi. Ying and Carrick were greeted by a massive crowd, which included Shay and Shel. The two remaining Jelavans stared silently at Carrick as he walked by, only briefly returning their gaze.[3] With Shad, their only source of support, dead, Shay and Shel moved in with a different family for a time. After a while, the Jelavans came into a good deal of money, sent to them by a mysterious benefactor—although Shel assumed it was from the Jedi Order, the money was actually from Carrick. The sum was enough for Shay to be sent offworld to stay at his grandparents' home on the planet Ord Mantell, and Shel used the rest to put a bounty on Carrick's head.[2]

Personality and traits[]

Shay Jelavan had light skin and blond hair. As of 3964 BBY, he was much smaller than his older sister, Shel, and was often seen at her side.[1]


On Taris, Jelavan wore a beige tunic with grey boots.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

Shay Jelavan made his first appearance in Knights of the Old Republic 1, a comic written by John Jackson Miller and released in 2006.[1] Jelavan also appeared in the sixth part of the Commencement arc[3] but went unnamed until a mention in Knights of the Old Republic 23.[2] In his two appearances, Jelavan was illustrated by Brian Ching.[1][3]


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