Sheel Odala was a brown-haired Human woman, and was an old acquaintance of Han Solo.


Six months after the Battle of Yavin, Sheel Odala encountered Han Solo on Void Station. She went to Void Station hoping to change her luck. She owed a large sum of credits to Jib Kopatha, the owner of the station, but did not tell Han. Sheel decided that she could sell information on Han's relationship to the Rebel Alliance to Jib as payment for her debt. She met Han in the halls of the station, ostensibly for a tryst, but a group of Kopatha's Trandoshan thugs accompanied her to ensure Han did not try to run. After Kopatha's interrogators threatened to kill Han, Sheel decided that she had better leave while she could. She tried to reach her ship, the Emerald Twilight, but was intercepted by Chewbacca. Sheel realized that she couldn't leave Han to be tortured, and worked with Chewbacca to free him. After the escape, Han asked Sheel to join the Alliance, but she refused the offer.

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