«Let the record show that the trial of Sunry vs. the Ahto City Authority has commenced. Presiding are judges Shelkar...»
―A Selkath bailiff[src]

Shelkar was a male Selkath. During the Jedi Civil War he was a Chief Justice on the Ahto High Court. He was sympathetic to the Republic and helped set up a deal to supply extra kolto to the Republic by allowing them to build the Hrakert Station. When the amnesiac Revan came to Manaan, Shelkar headed several trials with which Revan was involved. Revan discovered the Hrakert Station and brought it to the attention to the other members of the court. Shelkar became nervous and refused to react to the prodding of the other judges. He released Revan from custody, who was accused of destroying the station. Shelkar and the other judges banned the Sith from Manaan for planning to overthrow the government.


Jedi Civil WarEdit

"But a few more far-sighted Selkath see that if the Sith are ever allowed to win, the galaxy will be plunged into darkness and there would be nothing to stop them from taking Manaan anyway."
Roland Wann[src]

Shelkar was a Chief Justice for the Ahto High Court. The Ahto High Court was in charge of controlling the actions of the Ahto City Civil Authority (ACCA). The ACCA ruled Ahto City and Manaan. As the main judge on the court council, Shelkar was the de facto leader of Manaan. During the Jedi Civil War, the Republic and the Sith came to Manaan for its chief export, the healing agent kolto. With rival soldiers roaming Ahto City, the ACCA had its hands full keeping the peace. The Ahto High Court was kept busy overseeing trials and cases for instances when soldiers engaged in fights with other soldiers. The Selkath held rigid laws and as a neutral planet enforced their peace laws with brutal integrity. The judges on the Ahto High Court tried to treat all cases impartially. Shelkar soon gained a reputation as the most impartial of all judges. He often sentenced guilty parties to death or imprisonment, and enforced the laws of Manaan with efficiency and force.[1]

Despite Manaan's neutrality, Shelkar knew the consequences of a Sith victory. He also knew that only the Republic respected the laws of Manaan. So he made a secret deal with Republic ambassador Roland Wann. The Republic and the Sith would get equal portions of kolto in Ahto City, but the Republic would be able to build their own kolto mining facility on the Hrakert Rift. Shelkar took great risks in doing this, and kept it a secret from the other judges on the High Court.[1]

Arrival of RevanEdit

When an amnesiac Jedi came to Manaan, things began to unravel. The Jedi was secretly the Sith Lord Revan, who had lost his memories and was being manipulated by the Jedi Council on Dantooine. Revan was looking for an artifact called a Star Map, which had been excavated by the Republic on the Hrakert Rift. Revan soon became involved in Ahto City politics, and it is possible that he became the arbiter for a man named Sunry. Sunry was a veteran from the Mandalorian Wars, and was suspected of killing a Dark Jedi named Elassa. Shelkar knew that Sunry was more than capable of killing Elassa, despite the fact that he was an old man and a cripple. Revan came to Sunry's defense and proved his innocence.[1]

Revan was later found and captured by the ACCA, after being suspected of breaking into the Sith Embassy, and raiding it. Revan told the judges that he was investigating the disappearance of the Selkath youth on the behalf of another Selkath named Shaelas. He also revealed that the Sith had kidnapped the Selkath youth and were training them as Sith, in the hopes that they would grow up and overthrow the standing government and allow the Sith to take over Manaan. Revan had spared the youth during his raid, and redeemed them. Revan was released and Shelkar and the Ahto High Court began the process of banning the Sith off Manaan.[1]

The final trial Shelkar faced that concerned Revan was when the Selkath detected explosions coming from the Hrakert Rift. Revan once again represented himself, saying that he had investigated the station on behalf of the Republic Embassy. The other judges had not heard of such a station, and were confused when Shelkar said he knew what Revan was talking about. He stopped them from asking questions and told Revan to continue his story. Revan had been told that the Republic had lost all contact with the Hrakert station, and had been sent to investigate. The Progenitor, a giant firaxan shark, had driven the Selkath in the station insane. The Progenitor had been disturbed by the machinery that was mining the kolto. Revan had destroyed the machinery and calmed the Progenitor. The Selkath believed that the Progenitor was the ancestor of their species and revered her as the protector and source of their kolto. Thus, the Ahto High Court commended Revan for his actions and released him.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

«Should you have any other grievances you wish to present, give them to the judge on duty at that time.»

Shelkar was a very calm individual. He was very good at setting his personal feelings aside in order to remain impartial during a case. As such he treated both the Republic and Sith with equal ferocity. He was always fair, and supported and enforced the laws of Manaan with rigid efficiency. He was so effective, that some believed him to be on the brink of cruelty. He did not tire easily, and was always polite when speaking to others. During a case however, he remained vigilant and wary of treachery. He always did his best to uncover the truth. When delivering a verdict, Shelkar's opinion was always the most highly valued. Always contemplative, he weighed the factors of a case very delicately. As such, he was always the last judge to speak his mind.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

If the player did not decide to follow the Sunry quest, then Shelkar may not have presided over his trial.[1]



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